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==Rental Pokémon==
{{main|List of Petit Cup Rental Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium}}

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Petit Cup (Japanese: ファンシーカップ Fancy Cup) is an intermediate-level Stadium Cup in Pokémon Stadium. It first appeared as a Cup in Pokémon Yellow's Colosseum 2.

The restrictions include a level restriction, where the Pokémon can be only between level 25 and 30, with a combined total on the three-Pokémon battle team of no more than 80. No Pokémon that can not be obtained before or between these levels are allowed either, and Mew is also restricted. Evolved Pokémon are disallowed as well. There is also a height and weight restriction, as Pokémon must be shorter than 6'8" (2m) and lighter than 44 lbs (20 kg) to compete. With these restrictions, only 45 Pokémon are able to be used in the Petit Cup.

In the Generation IV handheld games, there is a nearly identical cup called the Fancy Cup.


Petit Cup
Level Limit?Bag Nest Ball Sprite.png 25-30
Total Level?Bag Level Ball Sprite.png 80
Sleep Clause?Bag Chesto Berry Sprite.png Yes
Freeze Clause?Bag Aspear Berry Sprite.png Yes
Species Clause?Bag Repeat Ball Sprite.png Yes
Self-KO Clause?100 Yes
Event Clause?Bag Cherish Ball Sprite.png Yes
Time Limit?Bag Timer Ball Sprite.png No

Eligible Pokémon
001 001 Bulbasaur Grass Poison
004 004 Charmander Fire
007 007 Squirtle Water
010 010 Caterpie Bug
013 013 Weedle Bug Poison
016 016 Pidgey Normal Flying
019 019 Rattata Normal
021 021 Spearow Normal Flying
023 023 Ekans Poison
025 025 Pikachu Electric
027 027 Sandshrew Ground
029 029 Nidoran♀ Poison
032 032 Nidoran♂ Poison
035 035 Clefairy Normal
037 037 Vulpix Fire
039 039 Jigglypuff Normal
041 041 Zubat Poison Flying
043 043 Oddish Grass Poison
046 046 Paras Bug Grass
048 048 Venonat Bug Poison
050 050 Diglett Ground
052 052 Meowth Normal
054 054 Psyduck Water
058 058 Growlithe Fire
060 060 Poliwag Water
063 063 Abra Psychic
066 066 Machop Fighting
069 069 Bellsprout Grass Poison
074 074 Geodude Rock Ground
081 081 Magnemite Electric
083 083 Farfetch'd Normal Flying
090 090 Shellder Water
092 092 Gastly Ghost
098 098 Krabby Water
100 100 Voltorb Electric
102 102 Exeggcute Grass Psychic
104 104 Cubone Ground
109 109 Koffing Poison
116 116 Horsea Water
118 118 Goldeen Water
129 129 Magikarp Water
132 132 Ditto Normal
133 133 Eevee Normal
138 138 Omanyte Rock Water
140 140 Kabuto Rock Water
147 147 Dratini Dragon

Rental Pokémon

Main article: List of Petit Cup Rental Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium


Round 1

Battle Trainer
1 SJP Bug Catcher.png Bug Boy
2 SJP Youngster.png Lad
3 SJP Super Nerd.png Nerd
4 S2 Sailor.png Sailor
5 SJP Picnicker.png Jr.♀
6 SJP Camper.png Jr.♂
Semifinal SJP Lass.png Lass
Final S2 Pokémaniac alt.png Pkmniac

Round 2

Battle Trainer
1 SJP Bug Catcher.png Bug Boy
2 SJP Youngster.png Lad
3 S2 Sailor.png Sailor
4 SJP Super Nerd.png Nerd
5 SJP Picnicker.png Jr.♀
6 SJP Camper.png Jr.♂
Semifinal SJP Lass.png Lass
Final S2 Pokémaniac alt.png Pkmniac


  • The name of this cup is based on the French word petit, meaning "small".

In other languages

Language Title
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Mini Copa

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