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Danger: High Voltorb (Japanese: VSビリリダマ VS. Biriridama) is the tenth round of the Pokémon Special manga and also the tenth one in the Red, Green & Blue chapter.


Major events

  • Red meets Lt. Surge.


Pokémon debuts






  • The mysterious Pokémon locked in a S.S. Anne's room is a Hitmonlee.
  • The Pokémon Fan Club members doesn't like Pokémon battles.
  • Red says that is very difficult to put in a Pokéball a Pokémon that belongs to other trainer, counteracting the fact that he caught Misty's Gyarados back in Gyarados Splashes In!.
  • In the manga, Voltorb has the size of a Pokéball.


  • Voltorb's height is 1′08″ (0.5m).