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オウカ Ōka
Orm Adventures.png
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Three Beasts

Orm (Japanese: オウカ Ōka) is one of The Three Beasts of Team Rocket in the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Orm first appears with his two teammates, Sird and Carr after the latter had attacked Red, Green, and Lorelei. After they escape, Orm and the others appear on the television where they show a wanted poster with Red, Blue, and Green's faces on them. Until they are brought to them, Orm and his teammates attack the Sevii Islands; Orm's assigned attack location is Six Island.

Next, on Six Island, Orm can be seen commenting that islanders were weak while they all lay unconscious around him. As he mulls over where to attack next, Orm is approached by Blue who immediately attacks. Orm quickly gains the upper hand by having his army of Shuckle cover Blue and his Pokémon, restraining them while attacking with Toxic. Orm reveals to Blue that they were the ones who had kidnapped his missing grandfather, Professor Oak. This angers Blue, who has his other Pokémon attack the Shuckle army, knocking out the leader and thus, having Orm lose his control of them. Without any Pokémon to use, Orm is easily defeated by Blue and is sent flying.

Later, he is found by Sird and Carr who proceed to take and wake him up. Once Giovanni uses Deoxys to search for his missing son, Orm shows happiness over the eventual family reunion. He and Sird are sent out to find and capture Giovanni's son and find Silver and Yellow right away. Realizing that Silver is Giovanni's son, they attack the two and quickly gain the upper hand. Battling in Viridian Forest makes Yellow angry and causes her Pokémon to grow several levels higher than usual. Realizing that they are out of their league, Sird and Orm knock Silver out and make their escape.

They take Silver to their airship and dress him in a Team Rocket uniform while Orm notices that Yellow has followed them to the ship. Orm later brings a weakened Giovanni to the inside of the ship for rest after he is defeated by the hands of Red and Mewtwo. Just as he hopes that Silver and Giovanni are having a touching family reunion, everyone onboard is shocked to find out that Carr, having gone mad with power, has taken over the airship and is planning to crash it to the ground. Orm and Sird are sent flying and grab onto parts of the crashing ship to prevent themselves from falling off. Eventually, Orm is unable to hold on and falls to his death; whether or not he is still alive or not is currently unknown.


Shuckle (×2)
Shuckle (×2)
Orm owns two Shuckle. One of them is the leader of the group. The leader held down Blue and had the group to use Toxic on him and his Pokémon. However, Blue managed to escape Shuckle's grasp and defeated it, disbanding the group of Shuckle.

Shuckle's only known move is Withdraw.

Debut Enter The Three Beasts
Hoppip (×8)
Hoppip (×8)
Orm used these Hoppip as a hot air balloon during its debut appearance. In the next chapter, he used one of them to battle Red but gets defeated.

Hoppip's only known move is Fly.

Debut Attacking The Entire Island
Orm's Jumpluff
Jumpluff was used in the tag battle with Sird's Banette. It was up against Silver's Gyarados and Yellow's Omny. During the battle, it became frozen as a result from the effect of Omny's Blizzard.

Jumpluff uses its spores to attack the opponent with a mix of status ailments such as sleep, poison, and paralysis.

Jumpluff's only known move is Cotton Spore.

Debut Viridian in the Heart


  • Due to Coronis's translation of the mangas, he is also popularly known as Oca in the fan community, as Coronis is fond of inventing Western names for manga-only characters who lack dub names.
  • Orm is the only member of the Three Beasts who was actually loyal to Giovanni.
  • Orm, along with his teammates, are based on various fictional monsters. In Orm's case, he is based off of Frankenstein's monster.


Language Name Origin
Japanese オウカ Ōka Possibly from オーガ, ogre.
English (Chuang Yi) Orm From orm, Swedish for snake.
Korean 프랑켄 Franken From Frankenstein.
Chinese (Mandarin) 歐卡 / 欧卡 Ōukǎ Transliteration of his Japanese name.

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