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Mystery Part and Secret Slab

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MDBag Mystery Part Sprite.png
MDBag Secret Slab Sprite.png

The Mystery Part and Secret Slab are functionally identical items that appear in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. When one is in the bag, certain legendary Pokémon will appear on preset dungeon floors. They only appear after the player and their partner have recruited Manaphy and he tells them about the Marine Resort.

The Mystery Part and Secret Slab are obtained as rewards from random missions, such as the one in the following Wonder Mail password:

X-HY NSM8 6&3&
2Q&P 520# 7WQ8
Objective: Rescue Typhlosion on floor 7 of Treeshroud Forest.

For Explorers of Sky, here is a Wonder Mail S Code:

5%@KM 5R#6J%8 65NP@
Objective: Prospect with Rotom on floor 1 of Beach Cave

Note: Rotom also joins the party, however, the player may decline.

Only one of each legendary species can be obtained.

Pokémon obtainable with the Mystery Part or Secret Slab

Pokémon Level Location
MDP145.png Zapdos 49 Amp Plains (7F)
MDP146.png Moltres 44 Giant Volcano (10F)
(Sky version only)
MDP150.png Mewtwo 50 Deep Aegis Cave (5F)
Dark Crater (6F)
(Darkness version only)
MDP243.png Raikou 46 Concealed Ruins (20F)
(Time/Darkness versions only)
MDP244.png Entei 47 Deep Dark Crater (10F)
(Time/Darkness versions only)
MDP249.png Lugia 45 Surrounded Sea (18F)
MDP250.png Ho-Oh 43 Mt. Mistral (19F)
MDP251.png Celebi 44 Mystifying Forest (10F)
(Time/Sky versions only)
MDP380.png Latias 44 Happy Outlook (19F)
Spacial Rift (10F)
MDP381.png Latios 44 Midnight Forest (24F)
Deep Spacial Rift (5F)
MDP386.png Deoxys 45 Shimmer Hill (17F)
MDP491.png Darkrai 53 Miracle Sea (DPB3F)
Lower Crevice Cave (DPB2F)
Mt. Travail (17F)
Spacial Rift (14F)
Mystifying Forest (13F)

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