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The Music Box (Japanese: オルゴール Music Box) is an item that only exists in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. When the Rock Part, Ice Part, and Steel Part are joined together, the Music Box is formed. The Music Box will crumble if anybody in possession of it tries to use it.

If the Music Box is in the player's bag, then Mew will randomly appear between floors 36 through 98 of the Buried Relic.

Parts for the Music Box

All three of these Parts are required to create the Music Box. Separately, their only use is to be able to recruit the corresponding golem (a function that the Music Box can perform as well).

Rock Part

The Rock Part is found upon defeating Regirock on B15F of the Buried Relic.

Ice Part

The Ice Part is found upon defeating Regice on B25F of the Buried Relic.

Steel Part

The Steel Part is found upon defeating Registeel on B35F of the Buried Relic.


An enchanting music box that plays a beautiful melody. It is said to draw something special to it when it is kept close by.


If the player gets through the entire dungeon and hasen't found Mew, then the player may re-enter the Buried Relic and continue looking for Mew. In the case that something happens to the Music Box, The player must receive each of the three parts from each member of the Legendary Golem Trio.

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