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Mt. Horn

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Mt. Horn
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Mt. Horn
Pokémon recruitable Yes
Floors 19*
Item allowance 48
Money allowance Allowed
Team members 4
Starting level Current
Predominant type Bug
Boss None
File:Mt.horn entrance.png
The entrance to Mt. Horn.

Mt. Horn is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. It is unlocked after clearing Craggy Coast. The dungeon consists of 14 floors. On the first visit, Bidoof will accompany the player.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Level
285 Shroomish 1F-6F  ?
177 Natu 1F-7F  ?
047 Parasect 1F-7F  ?
168 Ariados 1F-7F  ?
267 Beautifly 1F-8F, 10F-11F, 13F-14F  ?
266 Cascoon 2F-3F, 6F-10F, 12F-14F  ?
438 Bonsly 8F-14F  ?
142 Aerodactyl 8F-14F  ?
049 Venomoth 8F-14F  ?
204 Pineco 8F-14F  ?