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Mt. Bristle

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Mt. Bristle is an unlockable dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. It can be unlocked after completing Drenched Bluff and doing several optional missions. It has nine floors plus a peak, where the player and his or her partner battle Drowzee.


Pokémon Floors Level Recruit Rate
File:066MS.gif Machop 1-9  ?  ?
File:074MS.gif Geodude 1-9  ?  ?
File:084MS.gif Doduo 1-9  ?  ?
File:167MS.gif Spinarak 1-9  ?  ?
File:396MS.gif Starly 1-9  ?  ?
File:030MS.gif Nidorina 4-9  ?  ?
File:032MS.gif Nidorino 4-9  ?  ?
File:096MS.gif Drowzee Peak  ? Boss