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Matt (Japanese: マイク Mike) is the character of the day in Pinch Healing.

Matt is a Pokésitter. He was transporting Pokémon by bus when an Electrode fell on it and caused him to have an accident. He called the local Pokémon Center where the Nurse Joy in charge happened to be sick. Ash, his friends and Scott came by to tow the bus. They were about to leave when all of a sudden, a Bagon Matt was looking after went chasing after a Butterfree.

With the help of Ash, he was able to get Bagon back. But after the ordeal, Bagon fainted in Matt's arms and that's when he discovered that it had a terrible fever. They rushed it to the Pokémon Center as quick as possible.

At the Pokémon Center Matt couldn't help but feel guilty about Bagon. He felt he had a responsibility to care of the Pokémon Trainers had left with him. During this time, two people come into the Pokémon Center claiming to be workers from the Pokémon Day Care center that Matt works at. They gather up all the Pokémon and put them in a box. Matt doesn't believe them and confronts them about it but then a smoke screen fires from the box. They take off and its soon revealed that they are Team Rocket.

As they were getting away in their balloon, Ash almost commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but stops when he realizes that it can hurt the Pokémon Team Rocket stole. May then remembers that the Larvitar they stole has a powerful Sandstorm attack and asks it to use it. It does and Team Rocket's balloon crashes. Ash takes care of it from there and Team Rocket is defeated.

They are then approached by Brock who comes to tell Matt that Bagon's fever has broken. He is greatly relieved to hear this. The next day, Scott manages to repair Matt's bus and he is able to return the Pokémon back to their Trainers.


Looked after

Matt's Bagon
Bagon was one of the Pokémon that Matt was taking care off. When it saw some Butterfree and Fearow, it wanted to fly very badly. Ash and Matt were left to find it as it was continuing to learn how to fly. Doing so made it fall into a stream that almost took Bagon away. Suddenly, a school of Carvanha start to attack. Bagon tries to cross the log but the Carvanha bite on it, causing Bagon to go back. Sceptile jumps on the log and Bagon is sent flying towards Matt. Bagon starts to get a fever and is sent to the Pokémon Center immediately. The fever lasts until Ash and his friends defeat Team Rocket.

Bagon's only known move is Headbutt.

Debut Pinch Healing
Matt's Larvitar
Larvitar was a shy Pokémon towards humans, as it would attack them with Sandstorm. May would try to comfort it. When Team Rocket came by and stole all of the Pokémon that Matt was caretaking, Larvitar overcame its shyness and used Sandstorm to free everyone.

Larvitar's only known move is Sandstorm.

Debut Pinch Healing
Matt's Whismur
Whismur was one of the Pokémon that Matt was caretaking. Max tried to comfort it by playing with it.

None of Whismur's moves are known.

Debut Pinch Healing
Matt's Makuhita
Makuhita was one of the Pokémon that Matt was caretaking. May tried to comfort it by playing with it.

None of Makuhita's moves are known.

Debut Pinch Healing
Matt's Wooper
Wooper was one of the Pokémon that Matt was caretaking. Brock took care of Wooper by having his Marshtomp use Water Gun to heal its wounds.

None of Wooper's moves are known and its Ability is Water Absorb.

Debut Pinch Healing
Matt's Seedot
Seedot was one of the Pokémon that Matt was caretaking. Max tried to comfort Seedot by playing with it.

None of Seedot's moves are known.

Debut Pinch Healing
Matt's Swinub
Swinub was one of the Pokémon that Matt was caretaking. May was playing with it.

None of Swinub's moves are known.

Debut Pinch Healing

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 高橋広樹 Hiroki Takahashi
English Sean Reyes
European Spanish Jorge Saudinós


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