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If you were looking for the character of the day in Weekend Warrior, see Mandy (anime).


The Astounding Mandi (Japanese: コーム Kōmu) was Ash's first opponent in the Indigo Plateau Conference.

He appeared in Round One - Begin!. Mandi was confident that Ash was going to be an easy opponent for the first round; however, due to his enormously over-inflated ego, he underestimated his opponent and had all three of his Pokémon taken out by Krabby, who evolved into Kingler during the battle.

He was a very popular Trainer who had many fans. One reason for his popularity was probably that he could perform magic tricks—for example, he made a group of Pidgey appear from nowhere.

His design basis is in the Juggler Trainer class, though his hairstyle is considerably different from them.

He reappeared in a flashback in Friends to the End and appeared in The Rivals.


This is a listing of Mandi's known Pokémon:

Mandi's Exeggutor
Mandi used his Exeggutor as his first Pokémon during his battle against Ash. Ash chose to send his Krabby against the Coconut Pokémon. Exeggutor first attacks with Psywave, forcing Krabby to the water. Exeggutor then uses its Psychic attack to turn the watery arena into a giant whirlpool, trapping Krabby to the vortex. Exeggutor then launches a barrage of Egg Bombs to the vortex, producing a Wall of Water to keep Ash from recalling it. However, Krabby finally manages to get out of the vortex and grabs Exeggutor's leaves with ViceGrip, causing it so much pain that it becomes unable to attack and commence Mandi's order for using Hypnosis. Krabby then uses Leer at Exeggutor and finishes it off with Stomp. It reappeared in a flashback in Fire and Ice and in another flashback in Friends to the End.

Exeggutor's known moves are Psywave, Psychic, Egg Bomb, and Hypnosis.

Debut Round One - Begin!
Mandi's Seadra
Mandi chose to send out his Seadra as his second Pokémon in his battle against Ash. Ash's Krabby had just evolved into Kingler, but Mandi stood calm and told his Dragon Pokémon to use Agility. With its Agility Seadra was easily able to dodge all of Kingler's Water Guns and some of its Bubbles, but it eventually gets hit by a wide-spreading Bubble foam. The hit caused Seadra to fly into the air, and Kingler finished it with Crabhammer. It reappeared in a flashback in Fire and Ice.

Seadra's only known move is Agility.

Debut Round One - Begin!
Mandi's Golbat
Mandi send out his Golbat as his final Pokémon against Ash's Kingler. Ash tells Kingler to dive underwater and Mandi commands his Bat Pokémon to use Take Down. Kingler attempts to grab Golbat with ViceGrip, but Golbat evades the attack by using Double Team. Golbat then launches a Razor Wind attack, hurting Kingler badly. Mandi is about to finish Kingler with Mega Drain, but Kingler launches a strong Hyper Beam at Golbat, knocking it out. It reappeared in a flashback in Fire and Ice and in another flashback in Friends to the End. It was also seen in The Rivals.

Golbat's known moves are Take Down, Double Team, Razor Wind, and Mega Drain.

Debut Round One - Begin!
Mandi's Pidgey
Mandi used these multiple Pidgey while he was performing magic tricks before his battle.

None of Pidgey's moves are known.

Debut Round One - Begin!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 緑川 光 Hikaru Midorikawa
English Ted Lewis
Brazilian Portuguese Marcelo Campos
European Spanish Cholo Moratalla


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