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* [[List of Pokémon by Ability|by Ability]]
* [[List of Pokémon by Ability|by Ability]]
* [[List of Pokémon with released Hidden Abilities|Pokémon with released Hidden Abilities]]
* [[List of Pokémon with released Hidden Abilities|Pokémon with released Hidden Abilities]]
* [[List of Pokémon by Egg group|by Egg group]]
* [[List of Pokémon by Egg Group|by Egg Group]]
* [[Species|by species]]
* [[Species|by species]]
* [[List of Pokémon by type|by type]]
* [[List of Pokémon by type|by type]]

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Pokémon can be sorted by a number of different attributes:

by regional Pokédex number

by index number

by physical attributes

by in-game stats

Special lists

Lists of Pokémon
by National Pokédex no. EnglishJapaneseGermanFrenchKoreanChinese
by regional Pokédex no. KantoJohto • Hoenn (Gen IIIGen VI) • SinnohUnovaNew UnovaKalos
GSC DexUnown Dexin no regional Pokédexin every regional Pokédex
by regional Browser no. FioreAlmiaObliviain no regional Browserin every regional Browser
by index number Generation IGeneration IIGeneration IIIGeneration IVGeneration VGeneration VI
by other numbering systems DPBPPokéPark PadRansei GalleryShuffle listGoogle Maps: Pokémon Challenge
by attributes AbilitycategoryhabitatcolorIQ groupgender differences
Egg Groupbody styleheightweightunique type combinations
by evolution evolution familyno evolution familybranchedcross-generationlevels
by in-game stats base stats (Gen IGen II-Vfully evolvedunique base stat totals) • performance stats
catch rateEVs given in battle (Gen III-IV) • gender ratiosteps to hatchavailability
wild held item (Gen II) • experience typebase friendship
miscellaneous alphabeticallyfield moves (Gen IGen IIGen IIIGen IVGen V) • Shadow PokémonPal Park area
Pokéwalkerdebut episodeglitch • released with a Hidden Ability (Gen VGen VI) • ST Energy Shot