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List of Electric Tale of Pikachu volumes

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This is a list of volumes of the Pokémon manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu created by Toshihiro Ono. There are four volumes in total, released in English by Chuang Yi and VIZ Media.

Cover Shogakukan VIZ Media Chuang Yi
Volume 1 Volume 1 ISBN 4091493416 October 28, 1997 ISBN 1569313784 September 28, 1999 ISBN
Volume 2 Volume 2 ISBN 4091493424 June 27, 1998 ISBN 156931411X December 28, 1999 ISBN
Volume 3 Volume 3 ISBN 4091493432 May 1999 ISBN 1569314365 April 5, 2000 ISBN
Volume 4 Volume 4 ISBN 4091493440 February 2000 ISBN 1569314942 ISBN

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