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|ja=岡村明美 ''[[Akemi Okamura]]''
|ja=岡村明美 ''[[Akemi Okamura]]''
|en=[[Lisa Adams]] ([[4Kids Entertainment|4Kids]] dub)<br>[[Kayzie Rogers|Jamie Peacock]] ({{TPCi}} dub)
|en=[[Lisa Adams]] ([[4Kids Entertainment|4Kids]] dub)<br>[[Kayzie Rogers|Jamie Peacock]] ({{TPCi}} dub)
|ko=채의진 ''Chae Ui Jin''
|ko=채의진 ''Chae Ui-Jin''
|pt_br=Cecília Lemes
|pt_br=Cecília Lemes
|nl=Beatrijs Sluyter
|nl=Beatrijs Sluyter

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Lilian Meridian
リリアン Lilian
Lilian Meridian.png
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Relatives Vivian Meridian (sister)
Anime debut The Saffron Con
English voice actor Lisa Adams (4Kids)
Jamie Peacock (TPCi)
Japanese voice actor Akemi Okamura

Lilian Meridian (Japanese: リリアン Lilian) is a character in the Pokémon anime. She is the Kanto Contest announcer.


Lilian is the younger sister of Vivian. Although they look very similar, they are drastically different in terms of personality. According to her, even if they dress so differently from each other, they are still mistaken for one another.

Lilian befriended May just before the Saffron Contest, and after seeing how far she was willing to go to free the other Pokémon that were entering the Contest she helped May out when she found herself unable to enter the Contest due to Harley telling her that her Hoenn Contest Pass would be acceptable to enter when in May was actually required to get a brand new pass to enter Contests in Kanto.

Lilian continued to be the MC during all the Kanto Contests, and also informed May of the Contest on Chrysanthemum Island following her loss in the Wisteria Contest.


Lilian's Espeon
While preparing for the Saffron Contest, Lilian used her Espeon to perform a small appeal to make sure the lighting equipment was working fine. Espeon created an appeal so beautiful it entranced May's Squirtle causing it to run onto the stage to show off its moves.

Espeon's known moves are Swift and Psychic.

Debut The Saffron Con
Voice actors
Japanese Yumi Tōma
English Yumi Tōma

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 岡村明美 Akemi Okamura
English Lisa Adams (4Kids dub)
Jamie Peacock (TPCi dub)
Dutch Beatrijs Sluyter
Korean 채의진 Chae Ui-Jin
Brazilian Portuguese Cecília Lemes
Spanish Latin America Rommy Mendoza
Unknown voice actress (AG167)
Spain Olga Velasco


Language Name Origin
Japanese リリアン Lilian
English, German Lilian Meridian From her Japanese name.
French Liliane From her Japanese name.
Korean 리리안 Lilian From her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 莉莉安 Lìlìān Transliteration of her Japanese name.

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