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|effect=Increases holder's {{Stat|Evasion}} in battle by {{tt|10%|5% prior to Generation V}}.
|effect=Increases holder's {{Stat|evasion}} in battle by {{tt|10%|5% prior to Generation V}}.
|effect2= Causes {{p|Wobbuffet}} to produce a {{p|Wynaut}} {{pkmn|Egg}} while at the [[Pokémon Day Care]].
|effect2= Causes {{p|Wobbuffet}} to produce a {{p|Wynaut}} {{pkmn|Egg}} while at the [[Pokémon Day Care]].
|locrse=[[Mt. Pyre]]
|locrse=[[Mt. Pyre]]

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Incenses are a special class of held items that help Pokémon to breed differently. This allows Pokémon to produce Eggs containing baby Pokémon that were introduced beyond Generation II.

Notably, most baby Pokémon which result from Incense breeding have different Egg move lists than their evolved forms. For example, Azurill can learn Fake Tears through breeding while Marill cannot, and Marill can learn Aqua Jet through breeding while Azurill cannot.

List of incenses


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Full Incense Sprite.png Dream Lax Incense Sprite.png Dream Luck Incense Sprite.png
Full Incense Lax Incense Luck Incense
Dream Odd Incense Sprite.png Dream Pure Incense Sprite.png Dream Rock Incense Sprite.png
Odd Incense Pure Incense Rock Incense
Dream Rose Incense Sprite.png Dream Sea Incense Sprite.png Dream Wave Incense Sprite.png
Rose Incense Sea Incense Wave Incense

Type-enhancing items
Bag Silk Scarf Sprite.png
Bag Meadow Plate Sprite.png
Bag Sea Incense Sprite.png
Bag Griseous Orb Sprite.png
Bag Fire Gem Sprite.png
Bag Soul Dew Sprite.png
Soul Dew

Held items
In-battle effect items
BerriesColored orbsDrivesEV-enhancing itemsEvolution-inducing held items
Experience-affecting itemsGemsIncenseMega StonesMemoriesPlates
Stat-enhancing itemsType-enhancing itemsZ-Crystals
Out-of-battle effect items
EV-enhancing itemsEvolution-inducing held itemsIncenseMailScarves