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|locpbr=7200 [[Poké Coupons]]
|locpbr=7200 [[Poké Coupons]]
|locbw=[[Village Bridge]] (trash can underneath), {{a|Pickup}}, held by traded {{p|Munchlax}} in [[Undella Town]]
|locbw=[[Village Bridge]] (trash can underneath), {{a|Pickup}}, held by traded {{p|Munchlax}} in [[Undella Town]]
|locb2w2=[[Castelia Sewers]]
|locb2w2=[[Castelia Sewers]], {{a|Pickup}}

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Scope Lens redirects here. For item with the same name from Mystery Dungeon games, see Glasses.

In-battle effect items are held items that take effect during a battle.

Choice items

Condition boosters


HP restoration

Power boosters

Turn order alteration

Focus items

Negative effect on holder

Other items

EV-enhancing items

Main article: EV-enhancing item

Evolution-inducing items with in-battle effects

Main article: Evolution-inducing held item

Experience-affecting items

Main article: Experience-affecting item


Main article: Drive


Main article: Gem


Main article: Incense


Main article: Plate

Stat-enhancing items

Main article: Stat-enhancing item

Type-enhancing items

Main article: Type-enhancing item

Underground appearance

Mine Iron Ball.png Mine Light Clay.png
Iron Ball Light Clay

Held items
In-battle effect items
BerriesDrivesEV-enhancing itemsEvolution-inducing held itemsExperience-affecting items
GemsIncensePlatesMega StonesStat-enhancing itemsType-enhancing items

Out-of-battle effect items
EV-enhancing itemsEvolution-inducing held itemsIncenseMailScarves

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