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==Pokémon Live==
==Pokémon Live==

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Ikue Ohtani, visiting the Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington as guest of honor in 2005.

Ikue Ōtani (Japanese: 大谷育江 Ōtani Ikue; also seen as Ikue Ohtani, Ikue Ootani and Ikue Otani) is a voice actress who provides the voice of Ash's Pikachu.


Ōtani was born August 18, 1965 in Tokyo. She currently works for マウスプロモーション Mausu Promotion.

For health reasons, she took leave from her work from January to May 2006. The voice credit for Pikachu did not change during this period. However, Mime Jr. was played by Tomoe Hanba (半場友恵) from AG161 to AG175, and other characters have also been voiced by other actors.

Pokémon roles

Ōtani's most famous role on Pokémon is that of Ash's Pikachu. She has also provided a handful of minor voices.





Voices on games

She has voiced Pikachu in some games, including:

Famous non-Pokémon roles

In anime and video games

In dubbed productions of English shows

Pokémon Live

  • Ōtani and Maddie Blaustein are the only actors listed as reprising their anime roles (Pikachu and Meowth, respectively) in Pokémon Live!. However, since the show was a US produced show and Ōtani's role in the dub is a reuse of her work on the Japanese version, it's more likely that archive recordings were used for Pikachu.

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