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Herbert (Japanese: クサノ Kusano) is a non-player character from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia who is a researcher for the Ranger Union. Professor Hastings has asked him to research Grass-type Pokémon. He will ask the player through a Ranger Quest to bring him certain Pokémon so he can research them.

Herbert will first appear in Altru Park, requesting that the player bring him an Oddish so he can research it. He will then appear in Shiver Camp, requesting that the player bring back an Abomasnow. Finally, he will appear in Haruba Village requesting a Cacturne. He will not be found after this quest.


SoA Quest icon.png
Oddish Research
SoA Quest icon.png
Altru Park
Fire Defenseccard.png Fire Defense
We need an Oddish for research purposes.
We've had no success finding one, however.
Is it possible for you to bring one in?
SoA Quest icon.png
Abomasnow Research
SoA Quest icon.png
Shiver Camp
Fighting Defenseccard.png Fighting Defense
I came to Hia Valley on orders from Prof.
Hastings to study Abomasnow up close.
May I ask you to bring one here?
SoA Quest icon.png
Cacturne Research
SoA Quest icon.png
Haruba Village
Energy Plusccard.png Energy Plus
This time, it's Cacturne I'm after.
They are supposedly in the desert, but
they've thus far eluded my eye.
May I ask you to bring one here?

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