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* {{p|Charmander}} → [[Kai Midorikawa's Charizard|Charizard]]
* {{p|Charmander}} → [[Kai Midorikawa's Charizard|Charizard]] → {{p|Charmander}} → {{p|Charmeleon}}/[[Kai Midorikawa's Charizard|Charizard]]
* {{p|Golbat}}
* {{p|Golbat}}
* {{p|Meowth}}
* {{p|Meowth}}

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Kai Midorikawa (緑川 開), nicknamed Green is based on Blue from the original games. He is Red's rival and takes Pokémon much more seriously, although has questionable ethics in attaining his goals. His surname contains the Japanese word for "green" ( midori).



  • The rules of evolution seem to be very different in Pocket Monsters manga. When Green's Charmander first evolved into Charizard temporarily, it omitted the Charmeleon form. Later, it evolved off-screen permanently and it's unknown if he ever was a Charmeleon. It is possible that he was able to omit the Charmeleon form again.
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