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Glitch songs are continuous sounds produced by a glitch Pokémon or game freeze, which may either take on a melodic tune or a chaotic one. They are often in the place of its cry. Certain glitch songs may result in a game freeze, while others may force the player to shut off the game because they are on an infinite loop.


Glitch song can be triggered by:

  • A glitch Pokémon's cry
  • Game freeze
  • Encountering certain glitch Pokémon.
  • Trying to view the moves of any Pokémon with no moves.



These glitch songs are composed primarily of pieces of actual sound files, seeming to be actual songs themselves.

By PlanetOrigami
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These glitch songs are composed of garbage data, or non-sound data read as a sound file, making random noises.

By Gligar13Vids
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Low HP Loop

Once a chaotic song loop is occurring, and the game plays the sound for low HP, it will continue to play that sound forever, never stopping or changing.

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