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(Japanese: 氷触体 Glacial Body) is a giant ice creature resembling a snowflake which appears in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth. It dwells at the top of the (Japanese: グレッシャーパレス大結晶の塔 Glacier Palace Crystal Tower) where it attempts to plunge the world into darkness. Glacial Body is not a Pokémon, and is the first non-Pokémon in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

The player encounters this creature immediately after battling Kyurem.


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While travelling with the Voice of Life to reunite with their partner, after completing Yellow Canyon the player is told that the reason the Voice of Life brought them to the World of Pokémon, along with many other humans, is to destroy Glacial Body, a mysterious lifeform that suddenly appeared and is trying to destroy the world. It has the power to make ice and other objects float, which explains various mysterious phenomenon the player witnessed previously. It is protected by the seer, Kyurem, who obstinately strives to protect the future it sees, even though it is the world's end, by using Munna's gang to stop any humans which come to the World of Pokémon. The Voice of Life explains that since Glacial Body is made from the negativity of Pokémon, any Pokémon that get close to Glacial Body are suffocated by its negative power, however a human may not be affected by this power.

When the player first arrives in the room where Glacial Body lurks, the wind coming from Glacial Body becomes too much for the player's partner, and being suffocated by it, they collapse, unable to fight Glacial Body. Kyurem explains that this wind is the negativity of all Pokémon, a wind of despair itself. Glacial Body absorbs emotions such as mistrust and despair, which it feeds upon.

As the player approaches Glacial Body, they too finally begin to feel they effects of they wind of despair, despite being human. Despite having come so far, the player finds they are unable to take a single step when faced with Glacial Body, even though all the world's hopes are entrusted to them and everyone is relying on them to save the world. Suddenly, they hear a voice urging them to keep going. Before they have a chance to wonder where this voice came from, they hear another, and another. As they voices of encouragement multiply, they suppress the wind of despair and stop Glacial Body from moving. The player's partner states to Kyurem that this shows the world's future can be changed by everyone. The player's strength returns thanks to the power of the many voices of encouragement, and they begin to fight Glacial Body alone.

First battle

At they start of the battle, Glacial Body will be immune to any damage dealt to it. This will continue for a few turns, then that battle ends. The player realizes that none of their attacks are even able to scratch Glacial Body, and begins to waver. But that moment of hesitation is felt by Glacial Body, and the wind of despair returns. The player's partner urges the player not to get depressed, and that the power of emotions is strong. But that hesitation not only strengthened the wind, but Glacial Body too, and a purple whirlpool of the wind begins swirling from the top of the Glacier Palace Crystal Tower.

It then shows everyone in (Japanese: ポケモンパラダイス Pokémon Paradise) watching the palace from the distance and seeing the darkness coming from it makes them wonder if even though they urged the player on, perhaps all hope has already been lost, and that they should give up. But Dunsparce reminds them that not only those in that town, but others around the world which can't even see they Glacier Palace are desperately sending their emotions to the player, and that they should believe in the player and not stop just because they can see the clouds.

Vullaby spots that the purple whirlpool is growing, but Herdier urges them on, yet wondering to himself why his words sound hollow, and that perhaps fate cannot be changed. Back in Glacial Body's room, the player's partner manages to get up, urging the player that despite them being slowly suffocated, they still continued on, so the player must do they same. The player tries very hard to get back up, powered by their friendship with their partner, and then successfully manages to and makes a dash towards Glacial Body with the last of their strength, and attacks its front, cracking it. The player attacks again and shatters the front part of it, revealing a red core. The darkness around the palace momentarily disappears and a small rainbow appears at the top.

It shows the Pokémon in Pokémon Paradise again, who notice that with the purple whirlpool gone, behind Glacier Palace is a rainbow. However, the wind of despair quickly returns. Herdier states that despite it being a long time since he last saw it, the rainbow was surely the Rainbow of Hope, a mythical rainbow which when just seeing it gives you hope. Patrat goes off to tell the Pokémon in the park about it, and the Pokémon gathered realize that hope is not yet lost, and urge the player to let them see the Rainbow of Hope again. The screen then switches back to the player, who feels everyone's voices of encouragement focused on them again, and strengthened by their emotions, the real battle begins.

Second battle

During this battle, the player will be able to deal damage to Glacial Body; however, after a couple of turns, the player will lose, running out of HP due to Glacial Body's powerful attack, and is sent back to a place outside its room, where it's still covered in darkness and with a box to store items into. To begin the battle again, the player must head back into Glacial Body's room, which is just in front of the player, next to the box where the player stores their items in.

Second battle (Second attempt)

The battle starts again, and if the player defeats Glacial Body instead, this time Glacial Body will shatter and the wind of despair dissipates from the Glacier Palace Crystal Tower once again.

Then the player's partner will get back up again, realising that the player beat Glacial Body, and the palace starts to crack and break apart, falling from the sky, which then starts the ending of the game.

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Attacks used

  • Glacial Body uses the wind of despair it controls to cause damage to the player and may cause confusion.


  • Glacial Body is the second creature in the entire Pokémon series that is not a Pokémon. The first creature that wasn't a Pokémon was Dark Rust, which appeared in Pokémon Rumble Blast.


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