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Image:SGB Red J.png|[[Pocket Monsters Red]]
File:SGB Red J.png|{{game|Red and Green|s|Pocket Monsters Red}}
Image:SGB Green J.png|[[Pocket Monsters Green]]
File:SGB Green J.png|{{game|Red and Green|s|Pocket Monsters Green}}
Image:SGB Blue J.png|[[Pocket Monsters Blue]]
File:SGB Blue J.png|{{jap|Pokémon Blue Version|Pocket Monsters Blue}}
Image:SGB Yellow J.png|[[Pocket Monsters Pikachu]]
File:SGB Yellow J.png|{{game|Yellow||Pocket Monsters Pikachu}}
Image:SGB Red E.png|[[Pokémon Red]]
File:SGB Red E.png|{{game|Red and Blue|s|Pokémon Red}}
Image:SGB Blue E.png|[[Pokémon Blue]]
File:SGB Blue E.png|{{game|Red and Blue|s|Pokémon Blue}}
Image:SGB Yellow E.png|[[Pokémon Yellow]]
File:SGB Yellow E.png|{{game|Yellow}}
Image:SGB Gold J.png|[[Pocket Monsters Gold]]
File:SGB Gold J.png|{{game|Gold and Silver|s|Pocket Monsters Gold}}
Image:SGB Silver J.png|[[Pocket Monsters Silver]]
File:SGB Silver J.png|{{game|Gold and Silver|s|Pocket Monsters Silver}}
Image:SGB Gold E.png|[[Pokémon Gold]]
File:SGB Gold E.png|{{game|Gold and Silver|s|Pokémon Gold}}
Image:SGB Silver E.png|[[Pokémon Silver]]
File:SGB Silver E.png|{{game|Gold and Silver|s|Pokémon Silver}}
Image:Wideboy Crystal E.png|[[Pokémon Crystal]] has no Super Game Boy features. On a N64 it is displayed with a generic border.
File:Wideboy Crystal E.png|{{game|Crystal}} has no Super Game Boy features. On a N64 it is displayed with a generic border.

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A Game Boy Tower is a location in the Pokémon Stadium series where players may play Game Boy Pokémon games using the Transfer Pak. The Tower places a border around the game screen, using the same borders as the Super Game Boy accessory.

After Round 1 is cleared, games in the Tower can be played at twice the speed (in a mode known as "Doduo"). Likewise, after Round 2 is cleared, games can be played at four times the original speed in Dodrio mode.

Stadium 2's Doduo mode when used with a Generation II game changes the border to black and applies a sepia-tone effect to the game display. Stadium 2's Dodrio mode when used with a Generation II game changes the game display's tone to black-and-white. Additionally, these modes can't be used with a Generation II game until the Generation II game clears the Elite Four for the first time.


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