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* This Egg Group is the only Egg Group in which all of the members are dual-type Pokémon.
* This is the only Egg Group in which all of the members are dual-type Pokémon.
==In other languages==
==In other languages==

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Egg Groups
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Bug Mineral
Flying Amorphous
Field Water 2
Fairy Ditto
Grass Dragon
Gender unknown

The Flying Egg Group (Japanese: ひこう Flying) is one of the fifteen Egg Groups.


All members of this Egg Group are of the Flying type, making it one of only three Egg Groups to be composed of more than one member that has a single type shared among all members. Pokémon in the Flying Egg Group are generally based on birds, though a handful are based on other flying creatures from present and past.

Most of its members are exclusive to this group. Families that can breed into other Egg Groups are somewhat limited, many with combinations exclusive to a single family.


Only in this Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type
016 016 Pidgey Normal Flying
017 017 Pidgeotto Normal Flying
018 018 Pidgeot Normal Flying
021 021 Spearow Normal Flying
022 022 Fearow Normal Flying
041 041 Zubat Poison Flying
042 042 Golbat Poison Flying
084 084 Doduo Normal Flying
085 085 Dodrio Normal Flying
142 142 Aerodactyl Rock Flying
163 163 Hoothoot Normal Flying
164 164 Noctowl Normal Flying
169 169 Crobat Poison Flying
177 177 Natu Psychic Flying
178 178 Xatu Psychic Flying
198 198 Murkrow Dark Flying
227 227 Skarmory Steel Flying
276 276 Taillow Normal Flying
277 277 Swellow Normal Flying
396 396 Starly Normal Flying
397 397 Staravia Normal Flying
398 398 Staraptor Normal Flying
430 430 Honchkrow Dark Flying
441 441 Chatot Normal Flying
519 519 Pidove Normal Flying
520 520 Tranquill Normal Flying
521 521 Unfezant Normal Flying
561 561 Sigilyph Psychic Flying
627 627 Rufflet Normal Flying
628 628 Braviary Normal Flying
629 629 Vullaby Dark Flying
630 630 Mandibuzz Dark Flying

In this and another Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type Other
083 083 Farfetch'd Normal Flying Field
176 176 Togetic Normal Flying Fairy
278 278 Wingull Water Flying Water 1
279 279 Pelipper Water Flying Water 1
333 333 Swablu Normal Flying Dragon
334 334 Altaria Dragon Flying Dragon
468 468 Togekiss Normal Flying Fairy
527 527 Woobat Psychic Flying Field
528 528 Swoobat Psychic Flying Field
566 566 Archen Rock Flying Water 3
567 567 Archeops Rock Flying Water 3
580 580 Ducklett Water Flying Water 1
581 581 Swanna Water Flying Water 1


  • This is the only Egg Group in which all of the members are dual-type Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ひこう (飛行) Hikō
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Vlieg
France Flag.png French Vol
Germany Flag.png German Flug
Italy Flag.png Italian Volante
Spain Flag.png Spanish Volador