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Finale is a song featured on the Pokémon Live! CD, and is the last of the Live! songs featured in the credits of Pokémon Heroes. It uses lyrics from You & Me & Pokémon and the Pokémon 2.B.A. Master version of My Best Friends.


Ash: One world
Delia: One world
Ash: Now and forever, best friends
All: Best friends
Ash: Loyal and true, one dream
All: One dream
Ash: Side by side,
All: There's nothing we can't do
Delia: One hand
All: One hand
Delia: Helping the other,
Ash: Each heart
All: Each heart
Ash: Beating as one,
Delia: We live
All: We live
Ash: Always together
All: Sharing the same bright sun, You & Me & Pokémon!

Till the end, I will be with you
We will go where our dreams come true.
All the times that we have been through
You will always be my best friend!

Till the end, I will be with you
We will go where our dreams come true
All the time, that we have been through
You will always be my best friend!

One world

Ash: A magic feeling
All: Best friends
Delia: It's grown so strong
All: One dream
Ash: Always leads me to the place where I belong
All: One hand
Delia: Won't go away
All: Each heart
Ash: Never let me down!
All: Best Friends
Both: We got the greatest friends that ever could be found
All: Across every river, behind every tree, You & Me & Pokémon, Pokémon!

One world, one world
Now and forever
Best friends, best friends
Loyal and true

One dream, one dream
Side by side, there's nothing we can't do!
One hand, one hand
Helping the other
Each heart, each heart
Beating as one!

We live, we live, always together
Sharing the same bright sun
You & Me & Pokémon, You & Me & Pokémon, You & Me & Pokémon, You & Me & Pokémon
One world!

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