Experience-affecting item

Exp. All artwork from Pokémon Red and Green

Experience-affecting items are items that affect the amount of experience that a Pokémon gains in battle.


List of experience-affecting items

In side games

In the spin-off games

Lucky Egg in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

Using a Lucky Egg doubles the experience points earned by the player for the next 30 minutes. They can be purchased from the in-game shop with PokéCoins from the start of the game. Some are also given for free when the player reaches certain level milestones.


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Exp. Share Sprite.png Dream Lucky Egg Sprite.png
Exp. Share Lucky Egg

In other languages

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Exp. Share

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese がくしゅうそうち Learning Equpiment
France Flag.png French Multi Exp
Germany Flag.png German EP-Teiler
Italy Flag.png Italian Condividi Esp.*
Condiv. Esp.*
Distrib Esp.*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 학습장치 Hakseup Jangchi
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Compart. Exp.
Russia Flag.png Russian Общая Доля Obshchaya Dolya
Spain Flag.png Spanish Repartir Exp

Lucky Egg

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese しあわせタマゴ Lucky Egg
France Flag.png French Œuf Chance
Germany Flag.png German Glücks-Ei
Italy Flag.png Italian Fortunuovo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 행복의알 Haengbog-ui Al
Russia Flag.png Russian Удачливые Яйца Udachlivyye Yaytsa
Spain Flag.png Spanish Huevo Suerte

Miracle Chest

Language Title
Germany Flag.png German Zaubertruhe
Italy Flag.png Italian Magiscrigno
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cofre Único

Wonder Chest

Language Title
Germany Flag.png German Wundertruhe
Italy Flag.png Italian Fantascrigno

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