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|effect=Shares [[experience]] gained from battle equally between all [[party]] members.
|effect=Shares [[experience]] gained from [[battle]] equally between all [[party]] members.
|descstad=Gives EXP. Points to all Pokémon in party, even those not in battle.
|descstad=Gives EXP. Points to all Pokémon in party, even those not in battle.
|locrby=From Oak's aide in the [[gate]] on {{rt|15|Kanto}}
|locrby=From Oak's aide in the [[gate]] on {{rt|15|Kanto}}

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Experience-affecting items are items that affect the amount of experience that a Pokémon gains in battle. There are three different experience-affecting items.



These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Exp. Share Sprite.png Dream Lucky Egg Sprite.png
Exp. Share Lucky Egg


  • In Generation II, if a Pokémon with the same original Trainer as the player is sent into battle with Exp. Share held, that Pokémon will gain approximately half (due to rounding) of the experience twice, meaning that it doesn't receive 100% of the experience.

Held items
In-battle effect items
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GemsIncensePlatesMega StonesStat-enhancing itemsType-enhancing items

Out-of-battle effect items
EV-enhancing itemsEvolution-inducing held itemsIncenseMailScarves
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