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|descxy=A mysterious scale that causes a certain Pokémon to evolve. It shines in rainbow colors.
|descxy=A mysterious scale that causes a certain Pokémon to evolve. It shines in rainbow colors.
|locbw={{rt|13|Unova}}, [[Undella Town]], {{a|Pickup}}
|locbw={{rt|13|Unova}}, [[Undella Town]], {{a|Pickup}}
|locb2w2=[[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Antique Shop}}), {{a|Pickup}}, {{rt|1|Unova}}
|locb2w2=[[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Antique Shop}}), {{a|Pickup}}, {{rt|1|Unova}}, {{a|Undella Town}}
|locxy=[[Couriway Town]], [[Pokémon Village]] (Shaking trash cans), [[Lumiose City]] (North Boulevard), {{a|Pickup}}
|locxy=[[Couriway Town]], [[Pokémon Village]] (Shaking trash cans), [[Lumiose City]] (North Boulevard), {{a|Pickup}}

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Ash's Gligar reaching for the Razor Fang Ash tossed

An evolution-inducing held item is an item which makes the Pokémon holding it evolve when a certain event happens, such as if the Pokémon is traded or leveled up. The item disappears once the Pokémon has evolved. For evolution-inducing items that are not meant to be held, see the page on evolutionary stones.

List of evolution-inducing held items

Items that induce evolution upon trading

Items that induce evolution upon leveling up


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream DeepSeaScale Sprite.png Dream DeepSeaTooth Sprite.png Dream Dragon Scale Sprite.png Dream Dubious Disc Sprite.png Dream Electirizer Sprite.png
Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Tooth Dragon Scale Dubious Disc Electirizer
Dream King's Rock Sprite.png Dream Magmarizer Sprite.png Dream Metal Coat Sprite.png Dream Oval Stone Sprite.png Dream Prism Scale Sprite.png
King's Rock Magmarizer Metal Coat Oval Stone Prism Scale
Dream Protector Sprite.png Dream Razor Claw Sprite.png Dream Razor Fang Sprite.png Dream Reaper Cloth Sprite.png Dream Sachet Sprite.png
Protector Razor Claw Razor Fang Reaper Cloth Sachet
Dream Up-Grade Sprite.png Dream Whipped Dream Sprite.png
Up-Grade Whipped Dream

In the anime

Many evolution items have appeared in the anime. The first one to appear was the King's Rock in Ring Masters, which Ash won in the Sumo Conference and Misty's Poliwhirl later used to evolve itself into a Politoed in Outrageous Fortunes. Another King's Rock appeared in A Crowning Achievement, which was found on a rock after the water level in the local river dropped dramatically; Alice's Slowpoke used it to evolve into a Slowking.

A Deep Sea Scale and Deep Sea Tooth appeared in The Evolutionary War where the people in the A-B-C Islands were having an argument over which Pokémon was best, Gorebyss or Huntail.

A King's Rock, two Deep Sea Teeth, and two Deep Sea Scales appeared in Showdown At Linoone as some of the items Tokin picked up.

In One Big Happiny Family!, Brock carved and made an Oval Stone for his newly born Happiny, which later helped her evolve into a Chansey in The Brockster is In.

In Fighting Fear with Fear!, Ash got a Razor Fang from Gary Oak that he used to evolve his Gligar into a Gliscor.


King's Rock anime.png DeepSeaScale anime.png DeepSeaTooth anime.png
King's Rock Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Tooth
Oval Stone anime.png Razor Fang anime.png
Oval Stone Razor Fang



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