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Eva and Tanner

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Eva (left) and Tanner (right)

Eva (Japanese: ユキノ Yukino) and Tanner (Japanese: ナツキ Natsuki) are two minor characters from the movie Genesect and the Legend Awakened and residents of New Talk City.

They were first seen walking home with their mother who called out their names when they were lagging behind. She told them that they would get sandwiches when they get home. Later, when the Red Genesect was fighting with Mewtwo amongst the skyscrapers of New Talk City, both siblings were asleep while their Eevee became annoyed at Genesect and Mewtwo by seeing them fight.


Eva and Tanner's Eevee
Eevee is the pet Pokémon of Eva and Tanner.

None of Eevee's moves are known.

Debut Genesect and the Legend Awakened
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyoe Yoshioka
English Kiyoe Yoshioka

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大島優子 Yūko Ōshima (Yukino)
井口裕香 Yuka Iguchi (Natsuki)



Language Name Origin
Japanese ユキノ Yukino
English Eva
Spanish Nieves Literally means "snow".
Chinese (Mandarin) 雪乃 Xuěnǎi From the Japanese name 雪乃 Yukino


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナツキ Natsuki
English Tanner
Spanish Aimar Contains mar (sea), also may be chosed because it's related to summer season.
Chinese (Mandarin) 夏樹 Xiàshù From the Japanese name 夏樹 Natsuki

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