Escape Rope

The Escape Rope (Japanese: あなぬけのヒモ Hole-Escape Rope) is an item available in all of the handheld Pokémon games to date. They cost PokémonDollar.png550 each at Poké Marts. It can also be found lying around on the ground within the game, or held by Pokémon with the Ability Pickup.

Escape Ropes are used, in places such as caves, to warp back to the last Pokémon Center player healed at (or home if player never healed in Pokémon Center) in Generation I, and the entrance from which the player entered since Generation II. This effect alleviates the necessity to have a Pokémon with Dig in the party, when a player wants to exit a cave or similar location quickly.

To date, Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness are the only games that have no use for the Escape Rope; because of this, trading is required to obtain the Escape Rope in these games. Due to the different map system used in those games, the Escape Rope's only use in those games is to either sell it for money or trade it back to a handheld game.

The Escape Rope cannot be used to escape from the Spear Pillar, the Distortion World, or the Hall of Origin, as they are all considered to be outside of Mt. Coronet by the games' programming. It also cannot be used in Turnback Cave.

The Escape Rope is required for an Unown puzzle in Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver. Using it opens up a room containing four healing items.

In the manga

Escape Rope in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In Hurray for Heracross, Bugsy discovered a puzzle while in the Ruins of Alph that read "ESCAPE," prompting him to use an Escape Rope. As a result, the wall collapsed, revealing Suicune.

In the TCG

The following is a list of cards named Escape Rope.

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Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Escape Rope I Plasma Storm Uncommon 120/135 Freeze Bolt U 054/059
      BW-P Promotional cards   169/BW-P

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese あなぬけのヒモ Hole-Escape Rope
France Flag.png French Corde Sortie
Germany Flag.png German Fluchtseil
Italy Flag.png Italian Fune di Fuga
South Korea Flag.png Korean 동굴탈출로프 Donggul Talchul Rope
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Corda de Fuga
Russia Flag.png Russian Спасательный Канат Spasatel'nyy Kanat
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cuerda Huida

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