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(Humans: We don't have evidence that Emily Jenness is only voicing Unova Jennys)
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* {{an|Dawn}}
* {{an|Dawn}}
* [[Officer Jenny]] ([[Unova]])
* [[Officer Jenny]] ([[BW006]]-Present)
* [[Cynthia]]
* [[Cynthia]]
* [[Matori]]
* [[Matori]]

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Emily Jenness

Emily Jenness (born Emily Bauer, July 29, 1981) is a voice actress for the English-language dub of the Pokémon anime.

Pokémon roles

Jenness joined the series in the early season ten, playing various characters in the Diamond & Pearl saga. Her most prominent role is that of Dawn. Other notable roles include Cynthia and the Officer Jennys of Unova.



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