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Driftveil Tournament

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Driftveil Tournament
ホドモエ トーナメント Hodomoe Tournament
Battle Rules:
You may use any Pokémon or held items of your choice. For these battles, all Pokémon will be set to Level 25.
Driftveil Tournament is a tournament where anything goes.

Driftveil Tournament (Japanese: ホドモエ トーナメント Hodomoe Tournament) is a tournament held within the wider Pokémon World Tournament competition.

Tournament description

  • When first entered
"At last, the Driftveil Tournament! In this tournament, anything goes. Any Pokémon with any held item can participate. The winner will be rewarded with BP. Good luck!"
  • Subsequent entries
"Driftveil Tournament is a tournament where anything goes. You may use any Pokémon or held items of your choice. For these battles, all Pokémon will be set to Level 25. The winner will be rewarded with BP. Good luck!"

The Driftveil Tournament is the first tournament players enter in Pokémon Black and White Versions 2. Like the other tournaments within the Pokémon World Tournament, it is held in an eight-person single-elimination tournament with three rounds. The player is initially entered at the insistence of Driftveil City Gym Leader Clay, who hopes that running tournaments such as this one will boost Driftveil City's economy. Later in the game, they can compete at their leisure.

A total of sixteen competitors, in addition to the player, enter this tournament. On their first visit, however, the player can only battle against their rival Hugh, the Aspertia City Gym Leader Cheren, and Colress. In subsequent matches, a wider range of competitors can be challenged. Two Gym Leaders or otherwise notable Trainers will enter the competition every time; the player is guaranteed to battle one of them in the second round and the other in the final.

The number of Pokémon each participant uses varies depending on the selected battle style:


First visit

The player's first visit to the Driftveil Tournament is held in Single Battle format. This is the only time in which the player's Pokémon levels are not modified to level 25.


Snivy If the player chose Snivy:

Tepig If the player chose Tepig:

Oshawott If the player chose Oshawott:



Subsequent visits

Due to the length of the page, the party listings for the second and subsequent tournaments are documented in a separate article.

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