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Dream Park (Dream World area)

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Dream Park ゆめパーク
Dream Park
Default beginning November 20, 2012

The Dream Park (Japanese: ゆめパーク Dream Park) is an area of the Island of Dreams in the Pokémon Dream World. If the player tucks in a Normal Pokémon, the odds of this area being visited is increased.


Pokémon Level Availability Ability Featured moves Mini-games
015 Beedrill Lv. 10 After ?
Sniper A Fury Attack Normal  ???  ???
B Air Cutter Flying
C Fury Cutter Bug
023 Ekans Lv. 10 After ?
Unnerve A Poison Sting Poison Skip Across the Lake  ???
B Beat Up Dark
C Dark Pulse Dark
046 Paras Lv. 10 After ?
Damp A Stun Spore Grass Ice Cream Scoop  ???
B Cross Poison Poison
C Synthesis Grass
048 Venonat Lv. 10 After ?
Run Away A Disable Normal  ???  ???
B Baton Pass Normal
C Skill Swap Psychic
088 Grimer Lv. 10 After ?
Poison Touch A Poison Gas Poison Ice Cream Scoop  ???
B Haze Ice
C Shadow Sneak Ghost
113 Chansey Lv. 10 After ?
Healer A ??? ??? N/A Collect Gems
B Counter Fighting
C Helping Hand Normal
127 Pinsir Lv. 10 After ?
Moxie A ViceGrip Normal Open the Treasure Box Skip Across the Lake
B Close Combat Fighting
C Me First Normal
133 Eevee Lv. 10 After ?
Anticipation A Sand-Attack Ground  ???  ???
B Charm Normal
C Swift Normal
143 Snorlax Lv. 10 After ?
Gluttony A Amnesia Psychic  ??? Blow Out Candles
Sky Race
B Fire Punch Fire
C Recycle Normal
175 Togepi Lv. 10 After ?
Super Luck A Metronome Normal Skip Across the Lake Skip Across the Lake
B Lucky Chant Normal
C Uproar Normal
190 Aipom Lv. 10 After ?
Skill Link A Scratch Normal Wailord's Water Spout Frozen Treat Sweep
B Fake Out Normal
C Fire Punch Fire
204 Pineco Lv. 10 After ?
Overcoat A Selfdestruct Normal  ???
Sky Race
Blow Out Candles
B Toxic Spikes Poison
C Gravity Psychic
214 Heracross Lv. 10 After ?
Moxie A Horn Attack Normal Sky Race Blow Out Candles
B Flail Normal
C Focus Punch Fighting
265 Wurmple Lv. 10 After ?
Run Away A Poison Sting Poison Wailord's Water Spout  ???
Sky Race
B Bug Bite Bug
C Snore Normal
273 Seedot Lv. 10 After ?
Pickpocket A Growth Normal Pokémon Seek  ???
B Bullet Seed Grass
C Foul Play Dark
285 Shroomish Lv. 10 After ?
Quick Feet A Stun Spore Grass Frozen Treat Sweep Frozen Treat Sweep
B Bullet Seed Grass
C Focus Punch Fighting
287 Slakoth Lv. 10 After ?
Truant A Yawn Normal Collect Gems  ???
B Night Slash Dark
C Sucker Punch Dark
290 Nincada Lv. 10 After ?
Run Away A Leech Life Bug Blow Out Candles  ???
B Endure Normal
C Night Slash Dark
311 Plusle Lv. 10 After ?
Plus A Thunder Wave Electric Frozen Treat Sweep
Skip Across the Lake
Frozen Treat Sweep
B Discharge Electric
C Signal Beam Bug
312 Minun Lv. 10 After ?
Minus A Thunder Wave Electric  ???  ???
B Discharge Electric
C Signal Beam Bug
315 Roselia Lv. 10 After ?
Leaf Guard A Growth Normal Skip Across the Lake Collect Gems
B Sleep Powder Grass
C Swift Normal
316 Gulpin Lv. 10 After ?
Gluttony A Poison Gas Poison Pokémon Seek  ???
B Acid Armor Poison
C Giga Drain Grass
335 Zangoose Lv. 10 After ?
Toxic Boost A Quick Attack Normal Pokémon Seek  ???
B Double Hit Normal
C Low Kick Fighting
336 Seviper Lv. 10 After ?
Infiltrator A Bite Dark  ??? Pokémon Seek
B Body Slam Normal
C Aqua Tail Water
352 Kecleon Lv. 10 After ?
Color Change A Faint Attack Dark  ??? Pokémon Seek
B Skill Swap Psychic
C Reflect Type Normal
401 Kricketot Lv. 10 After ?
Run Away A Struggle Bug Bug  ??? Collect Gems
B Endeavor Normal
C Uproar Normal
415 Combee Lv. 10 After ?
Hustle A Gust Flying Pokémon Seek  ???
B Tailwind Flying
C Air Cutter Flying
420 Cherubi Lv. 10 After ?
Chlorophyll A Leech Seed Grass  ???  ???
B Heal Pulse Psychic
C Bullet Seed Grass
455 Carnivine Lv. 10 After ?
Levitate A Bite Dark  ??? Collect Gems
Wailord's Water Spout
B Rage Powder Bug
C Gastro Acid Poison
531 Audino Lv. 10 After ?
Klutz A Helping Hand Normal Pokémon Bistro  ???
B Encore Normal
C Yawn Normal
533 Gurdurr Lv. 10 After ?
Iron Fist A Low Kick Fighting  ??? Pokémon Bistro
B Mach Punch Fighting
C Drain Punch Fighting
538 Throh Lv. 10 After ?
Mold Breaker A Bind Normal Open the Treasure Box N/A
B Ice Punch Ice
C Superpower Fighting
539 Sawk Lv. 10 After ?
Mold Breaker A Rock Smash Fighting Skip Across the Lake N/A
B ThunderPunch Electric
C Dual Chop Dragon
559 Scraggy Lv. 10 After ?
Intimidate A Low Kick Fighting  ??? Skip Across the Lake
B Fake Out Normal
C Drain Punch Fighting
  • If the Pokémon is available by Default, the Pokémon is available upon unlocking the area.
  • The Abilities listed are the Abilities the Pokémon will obtain when obtained from Dream World.
  • The moves the Pokémon has when obtained will depend on the points gained after completing mini-games.
  • Genderless Pokémon will have the mini-games to be played to obtain them under both the male and female headers.


Item Availability
Spelon Berry Spelon Berry After ? Points
Nomel Berry Nomel Berry After ? Points
Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry After ? Points
Rabuta Berry Rabuta Berry After ? Points
Honey Honey After ? Points
Pass Orb Pass Orb Default
Repel Repel After ? Points
Max Repel Max Repel After ? Points
Health Wing Health Wing After ? Points
Muscle Wing Muscle Wing After ? Points
Resist Wing Resist Wing After ? Points
Genius Wing Genius Wing After ? Points
Clever Wing Clever Wing After ? Points
Swift Wing Swift Wing After ? Points
Shed Shell Shed Shell After ? Points
Rare Candy Rare Candy After ? Points
  • If the item is available by Default, the item
    is available upon unlocking the area.

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