Dream Gate

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Dream Gate (Japanese: ドリームゲート Dream Gate) is the first area in Pokémon Rumble U. In this area, the player fights two bosses - Keldeo in its Resolute Form and Charizard. The first stage with Keldeo must be cleared before fighting Charizard in the second stage.

Wet and Wild Battle

After defeating Keldeo for the first time, it will always drop in a blue capsule.


  • Defeat the boss
  • Pick up four or more capsules
  • Pick up five or more coins

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Blastoise.


Squirtle Squirtle
Wartortle Wartortle
Blastoise Blastoise
Totodile Totodile
Croconaw Croconaw
Mudkip Mudkip
Marshtomp Marshtomp
Piplup Piplup
Prinplup Prinplup
Patrat Patrat
Watchog Watchog
Lillipup Lillipup
Herdier Herdier
Stoutland Stoutland
Keldeo Keldeo
Resolute Form

Flame Dance


  • Defeat the boss
  • Use a Pokémon with a Power of 120 or more
  • Pick up 10 or more coins
  • Use a Super-Effective move

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Typhlosion.


Charmander Charmander
Charmeleon Charmeleon
Charizard Charizard
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
Ponyta Ponyta
Rapidash Rapidash
Typhlosion Typhlosion
Teddiursa Teddiursa
Torchic Torchic
Combusken Combusken
Buneary Buneary
Lopunny Lopunny
Minccino Minccino
Cinccino Cinccino

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