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| colspan=2 | [[Nobunaga]]
| colspan=2 | [[Nobunaga]]
| colspan=2 | [[Ranmaru]]
| colspan=2 | [[Ranmaru]]
| colspan=2 | {{DL|List of Pokémon Conquest characters|Kazumasa}}
| colspan=2 | {{DL|List of Pokémon Conquest characters|Kazumasu}}
|- style="background:#{{dragon color light}};"
|- style="background:#{{dragon color light}};"
| rowspan=3 | [[File:Conquest Nobunaga II icon.png]]
| rowspan=3 | [[File:Conquest Nobunaga II icon.png]]

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Dragnor リュウの国 Spr Dragnor Kingdom.png
Ryū Nation
Dragnor Kingdom.png
Type Dragon
Warlord Nobunaga and Ranmaru (Kunoichi in the Ninja Competition)

Gate of Dragnor

Dragnor (Japanese: リュウの国 Ryū Nation) is a kingdom in Ransei.


The indoor battlefield of Dragnor features numerous mysterious nodes, whose effects vary with their color, which change between turns. Herbal Nodes, which are green, will deal Grass-type damage to adjacent Pokémon. Pyro Nodes, which are red, will deal Fire-type damage to adjacent Pokémon and burn them. Aqua Nodes, which are blue, will deal Water-type damage to adjacent Pokémon. Electro Nodes, which are yellow, will deal Electric-type damage to adjacent Pokémon and paralyze them. Revival Nodes, which are white, will restore the HP and heal the status ailments of adjacent Pokémon.

Wild Pokémon areas

Sky Garden

Level 1-3
Zubat Zubat
Duskull Duskull
Starly Starly
Minccino Minccino
Level 2-3
Dratini Dratini
Deino Deino
Level 3
Dragonair Dragonair
Dialga Dialga


Unlocked by Sky Garden reaching level 2.

Level 1
Ekans Ekans
Magikarp Magikarp
Spheal Spheal
Venipede Venipede
Level 2-3
Dratini Dratini
Axew Axew
Deino Deino
Zweilous Zweilous
Level 3
Fraxure Fraxure

Infinite Tower

Rayquaza version unlocked by having formed links with all other legendary Pokémon while controlling Rank II Nobunaga in the Two Heroes of Ransei story.

Arceus version unlocked automatically at the end of the initial story, "The Legend of Ransei".

Rayquaza Rayquaza
Arceus Arceus


  • Bank
    • Invest gold to upgrade locations. Not available in the initial story.
  • Shop
    • Buy and sell items.
  • Gold Mine
    • Go mining for gold.
  • Dragon Chamber
    • Train together with your Pokémon to raise their Energy. Appears after upgrading two other utilities, which is not possible in the initial story, due to the absence of Banks.


The Legend of Ransei

Nobunaga Ranmaru Kazumasu
Conquest Nobunaga II icon.png Ambition Conquest Ranmaru I icon.png Empathy Conquest Warrior M 20 icon.png Marksman
Full Heal Potion N/A
Bolt Strike+3
Dragon Tail+3
Shed Skin
Dragon Claw+3
Urakusai Narimasa Masahide
Conquest Warrior M 17 icon.png Eagle Eye Conquest Warrior M 03 icon.png Bustle Conquest Warrior M 09 icon.png Shout
Leaf Storm+3
Dragon Claw+3
Mold Breaker
Dragon Rage+3

Ninja Competition

Kunoichi is the Warlord of Valora and Dragnor in the four Ninja Competition stories.

Her default Dragnor army is presented below. As the months pass, the army will develop by recruiting Warriors, forming links, increasing links, and equipping items.

She is controlled by the player in Time for Battle!. In this case, the default army is affected by any prior accomplishments saved in the Gallery.

Isuke Jūzō
Conquest Warrior M 21 icon.png Top Speed Conquest Warrior M 21 icon.png Empathy
Dragon Rage
Mold Breaker

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese リュウの国 Ryū no Kuni From 竜 ryū, dragon.
English Dragnor From dragon.



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