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Dia (Pocket Monsters DP)

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File:Diamond PMDP.png
Diamond in Pocket Monsters DP

Diamond (Japanese: ダイヤモンド Diamond) is a character from Pocket Monsters DP who only appeared in PMDP09. He is from Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh. Diamond is based on Lucas from the Diamond and Pearl Versions games.

Diamond appears to be the celebrity type, people going up to him and taking pictures. He is well known around Sinnoh. He meets Red by greeting him a handshake. Diamond then shows off his Pokémon.


Ash's Munchlax
Munchlax first appeared with Diamond's Pokémon.
Debut PMDP09
Diamond's Weavile
Weavile first appeared with Diamond's Pokémon.
Debut PMDP09
Diamond's Mime Jr.
Mime Jr.
Mime Jr. first appeared with Diamond's Pokémon. It had a rivalry with Red's Pikachu.
Debut PMDP09

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