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List of glitches in Generation I

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List of glitches in Generation I.

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The Cut glitch can refer to two different glitches in Generation I involving the move Cut.

Standing on a tree

Red standing on top of the tree outside Vermilion Gym

This glitch causes the player to appear on top of a cuttable tree. In order to perform the glitch, the player must have the Cascade Badge and a party Pokémon that knows Cut.

If, upon cutting down the tree, the player saves the game while standing in the spot where the tree originally stood before being cut down, and turns off the power, the player will be standing on top of a tree when the game is reloaded.


This glitch occurs because in Generation I, these trees are part of the map tiles. Since the save system did not store the changes to the map tiles on screen, this caused the maps to be fully rendered without changes upon game load. However, in Generation II, an exception was implemented so if any tile on screen had changed from default before the game save, it was saved too.

Due to an overhaul in Generation III, the glitch is no longer present. In this generation onwards, these trees are no longer map tiles, but actors (much like NPCs), and the save file is now able to remember the state and position of all actors.

Invisible tree

This glitch involves a tree near the bottom of Route 14.

If this particular tree is cut down and then the player walks five steps west from where the tree was (so that the spot where the tree used to be is at the edge of the screen) and then walks back their path will be blocked as if a tree was still there. Even though the tree is not visible, it can still be cut down normally.


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