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(I'm hoping somebody who knows more about her can add more info.)
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* Diamente e Perla (song)
* [[Always Pokémon]]
* Always Pokémon
* [[The Johto Champions League]]
* The Johto Champions League
* [[The Master Quest (song)]]
* The Master Quest (song)
* [[Dance of the Pokémon Advanced]]
* Dance of the Pokémon Advanced
* [[Pokémon Battle Advanced]]
* Pokémon Battle Advanced
* [[I Wanna Be with the Pokémon]]
* I Wanna Be with the Pokémon
* [[Diamente e Perla (song)]]

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Cristina D'Avena (born July 6, 1964, Bologna, Italy) is an Italian singer and actress. She has been responsible for singing several openings of the Italian dub of the anime.


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