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Contact is a term used to describe the condition when one Pokémon in a battle physically touches the opponent in order to deal damage. Up until Generation IV, moves that make contact could be either physical moves or special moves; however, ever since the distinction between physical and special were no longer based on types, most moves that make contact are physical. Every physical move makes contact except the ones listed below.

Effects of contact

  • The use of contact-based moves can be affected directly by certain abilities of the foe, such as Cute Charm and Effect Spore, and indirectly by certain attackers' abilities, like Guts.
  • It can be used to spread Pokérus.
  • Before Generation IV, damage dealing for moves that make contact depended on the move's type.

List of physical moves that don't make contact

Move Type
Attack Order  Bug  Status {{{3}}}
Beat Up  Dark  Status {{{3}}}
Barrage  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Bonemerang  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Bone Club  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Bone Rush  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Bulldoze  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Bullet Seed  Grass  Status {{{3}}}
Earthquake  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Egg Bomb  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Explosion  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Feint  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Fissure  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Fling  Dark  Status {{{3}}}
Freeze Shock  Ice  Status {{{3}}}
Fusion Bolt  Electric  Status {{{3}}}
Gear Grind  Steel  Status {{{3}}}
Gunk Shot  Poison  Status {{{3}}}
Ice Shard  Ice  Status {{{3}}}
Icicle Crash  Ice  Status {{{3}}}
Icicle Spear  Ice  Status {{{3}}}
Magnet Bomb  Steel  Status {{{3}}}
Magnitude  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Metal Burst  Steel  Status {{{3}}}
Natural Gift  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Pay Day  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Poison Sting  Poison  Status {{{3}}}
Pin Missile  Bug  Status {{{3}}}
Present  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Psycho Cut  Psychic  Status {{{3}}}
Razor Leaf  Grass  Status {{{3}}}
Rock Blast  Rock  Status {{{3}}}
Rock Slide  Rock  Status {{{3}}}
Rock Throw  Rock  Status {{{3}}}
Rock Tomb  Rock  Status {{{3}}}
Rock Wrecker  Rock  Status {{{3}}}
Sacred Fire  Fire  Status {{{3}}}
Sand Tomb  Ground  Status {{{3}}}
Secret Power  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Seed Bomb  Grass  Status {{{3}}}
Sky Attack  Flying  Status {{{3}}}
Spike Cannon  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Selfdestruct  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Smack Down  Rock  Status {{{3}}}
Stone Edge  Rock  Status {{{3}}}
Twineedle  Bug  Status {{{3}}}

List of special moves that make contact

Move Type
Grass Knot  Grass  Status {{{3}}}
Petal Dance  Grass  Status {{{3}}}
Trump Card  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Wring Out  Normal  Status {{{3}}}

List of abilities which have effects involving contact

List of items which have effects involving contact


  • In all console games except Pokémon Battle Revolution, the moves making contact's battle animation doesn't show the attacking Pokémon hitting the defending one at all; however, in the handheld games, it differs from attack to attack.

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