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Construction: Action

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Construction: Action is the name of a constructable Pokémon-based application for the e-Reader. Using a large variety of compatible cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, a player can combine different stages and playable characters to create their own mini "action game". The games are not saved to e-Reader memory and all cards must be re-scanned once the player exits the application.

In Construction: Action, the objective of the game is to use the chosen player character to navigate one or more stages (or "maps") where they have to capture Pokémon (usually the one(s) found on the card scanned) by throwing Poké Balls at them. There is a running timer in the game, the player must capture all of the Pokémon before the timer runs out. The timer is adjusted based on which maps are being played. The eight different player characters have varying running speeds, jumping abilities, number of Poké Balls at the start, and occasionally different background music.

The game is completed when every Pokémon in every map has been captured. A player can lose by falling into a bottomless pit, touching an enemy Pokémon, touching an enemy Pokémon's attack, or when the timer reaches 0:00. If a player runs out of Poké Balls, the game does not automatically end, as some maps contain extra Poké Balls that can be picked up. If the player runs out of Poké Balls and there are none left to be picked up, the player is stuck and unable to complete the game and is forced to wait until the timer runs out, or to end the game on purpose by touching an enemy Pokémon/falling into a bottomless pit.

To play Construction: Action, the player must scan a "player" card and at least one "map" card. While it is possible to play with only one map card scanned, a total of six may be added to the game at any time. The current map cards can be played in the order scanned or they can be shuffled.

Cards compatible with Construction: Action can be found in the Aquapolis and Skyridge expansions.



No. Card Name
123/147 Forest Guardian
126/147 Juggler
130/147 Pokémon Fan Club
133/147 Seer


No. Card Name
120/144 Relic Hunter
121/144 Apricorn Maker
123/144 Desert Shaman
125/144 Fisherman
140/144 Underground Expedition



No. Card Name Contents
001/147 Ampharos 181
002/147 Arcanine 059
010/147 Entei 244
013/147 Exeggutor 109 103
023/147 Muk 089
027/147 Parasect 047 109 Poké Ball
029/147 Primeape 056 057 Poké Ball
043/147 Vileplume 047 045
050a/147 Golduck 055
060/147 Skiploom 188 188
080/147 Growlithe 058
087/147 Houndour 228
092/147 Mankey 056 161
093/147 Mareep 179 109
097/147 Oddish 043 043
103a/147 Porygon 137
105/147 Remoraid 043 223 Poké Ball
107/147 Sentret 161
108/147 Slowpoke 079 Poké Ball
116/147 Vulpix 037 165


No. Card Name Contents
005/144 Beedrill 015 015 015
010/144 Gengar 092 092 092 094
012/144 Houndoom 229 229 229 229
016/144 Machamp 068 068 068 166 166 Missingno.
024/144 Piloswine 221 221 187
025/144 Politoed 186 186
028/144 Raikou 020 020 243
029/144 Rhydon 112 112 Poké Ball
035/144 Xatu 178 178 045 Poké Ball
038/144 Machoke 163 031 067
039/144 Misdreavus 200 089
040/144 Noctowl 164 060
044/144 Starmie 161 121
049/144 Delibird 225 Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball
057/144 Gastly 092 092 092
072/144 Ledyba 165 055 120
075/144 Magikarp 126 129 Poké Ball
083/144 Nidorina 030 030 030
087/144 Poliwag 165 060 120
089/144 Raticate 020 020 202 Poké Ball
092/144 Sandshrew 027 027 020 Poké Ball
094/144 Seel 086 086 086
097/144 Skarmory 227
098/144 Slugma 218 219 Poké Ball
099/144 Slugma 218 218 219 219 219 Poké Ball
102/144 Stantler 045 234
103/144 Staryu 120 120
124/144 Fast Ball 215 215 215 Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball
126/144 Friend Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball
128/144 Lure Ball 101 101 101 Poké Ball Poké Ball Poké Ball

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