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Bulbapedia:Inactive Staff

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Inactive Staff are former staff members of Bulbapedia that have, for one reason or another, been given the opportunity to return to a full staff position if they ever decide to return to active editing. Most of these users are former Editorial Board members as they retain the ability to return at any time, barring a forced departure. These users have no power on the site, but are still considered a higher rank than a standard user. A staff member may be involuntarily changed to this status if they let their account go dormant for a period of time as determined by the current Editorial Board.

It is advised that no member attempt to contact an inactive staff member.

List of Inactive Staff

This is a list of all former staff considered inactive on Bulbapedia.

Since June 6, 2005 Inactive

Former Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief

Since June 21, 2009 Inactive

Former Editorial Board

Since February 1, 2006 Inactive

Former Editorial Board

Since March 28, 2008 Inactive

Jioruji Derako
Former Editorial Board

Since May 20, 2005 Inactive

PokéWiki staff

Since April 16, 2007 Inactive

Former Editorial Board

Since August 12, 2006 Inactive

Former Editorial Board

Since April 17, 2005 Inactive

Former Editorial Board

Since January 29, 2007 Inactive

Former Editorial Board


Inactive staff do carry authority over non-staff users, but do not carry authority over Junior Administrators. Due to their inactivity, it is possible that inactive staff are not up-to-date on current policies. However, should they return, it is advisable to accept their advice.