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Blaziken's only known move is {{m|Giga Impact}}.}}
Blaziken's only known move is {{m|Giga Impact}}.}}
== Trivia ==
* Blaziken Mask looks like the dad of Clemont and Bonnie, they have a strong resemblance in their triangle shaped beard

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Blaziken Mask

Blaziken Mask (Japanese: バシャーモかめん Bursyamo Mask) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime.


Blaziken Mask made his first appearance in Lumiose City Pursuit!. He was first seen standing on a rooftop in Lumiose City after his Blaziken saved Ash from falling off of the Prism Tower. The two then left by leaping away. He appeared again in XY009, leaping off the buildings in Lumiose City.


Blaziken Mask's Blaziken

Blaziken Mask's Blaziken
Blaziken is Blaziken Mask's only known Pokémon. It first appeared in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! as a Mega Blaziken, where it was seen by Ash after leaping off of a flight control tower and quickly disappeared in a flash. In Lumiose City Pursuit!, Blaziken saved Ash and Pikachu from falling to his death off of the Prism Tower by catching them in midair in its Mega Evolved state and set them safely on the ground. It then returned to its Trainer, who congratulated it right before they left. It made another appearance in XY009, where it leaped around Lumiose City with its Trainer.

Blaziken's only known move is Giga Impact.

Debut Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

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