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Best Wishes! (song)

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The Greatest - Everyday!
Japanese opening themes


Besuto Uisshu!
Best Wishes!
BW OP 01
Artist 松本梨香
Rica Matsumoto
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Toda Syougo
Composer たなか ひろかず
Kazu Hiro Tanaka
Arrangement 河野陽吾
Koyano Keniti
Pikachu Records
Catalog no.

Best Wishes! (Japanese: ベストウイッシュ! lit. Besuto Uisshu!) is the first opening song of the Best Wishes series. It debuted with BW001, replacing The Greatest - Everyday! of the Diamond & Pearl series.

Opening animation

OP Text

Japanese English
The mysterious creatures of this planet
Pocket Monsters...
"Pokémon" for short!
Now, the story of the boy Satoshi and Pokémon,
Their meetings, adventures, and battles
Are about to begin!




All Pokémon are listed in order of when first revealed.


TV Size

Japanese English
はじめての風のにおい mm...
クシャクシャになるころ おれたち
ねぇ どこまで進んでるかな?

でも 楽しみは数えきれない!

耳をすませば なつかしい声
「きみは だいじょうぶ!
なぜか だいじょうぶ!
みんな だいじょうぶ!」

Yeah‐he‐he‐hey 歩き出そう!
Yeah‐he‐he‐hey 走っちゃおうか?
ドキドキは すぐに
いてもたっても いられないぜ!
At a place for the first time
The smell of the wind for the first time, mm...
But what isn't for the first time
Is this throbbing of my heart!
When this brand-new map
Gets all crumpled
Hey, I wonder how far we should go?

Keep this between us;
I have one or two or three worries
But there are countless things I'm looking forward to!

If I listen closely, I hear a nostalgic voice
A voice from the future
It's always praying for me
"You'll be all right!
Somehow it'll be all right!
Everyone will be all right!"

Yeah-he-he-hey, let's start walking!
Yeah-he-he-hey, should we run?
The throbbing of my heart instantly changes
To an itching desire!
There's just no way I can calm down!


  • This is the first opening to the Pokémon anime to not feature any human characters.
  • Pokémon silhouettes are revealed in the episode following their debut in the series.
  • This is the first opening to be composed completely of CGI images.



In the first episode, all Pokémon (except Pikachu) are shown in silhouettes. Whenever a Pokémon makes its debut, its silhouette is transformed into its revealed form in the episode following their debut in the series. Every episode after that will show that Pokémon (without any transformation).

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Japanese opening themes


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