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This article is about an in-game character. For the TV program, see Jubilife TV.

File:Berry Master house outside.png
The Berry Master's House in Generation III

The Berry Master (Japanese: Generation III: きのみめいじん Berry Master, IV: きのみじいさん Grandpa Berry) is a character from the Pokémon games, first appearing in Generation II. The Berry Master seems to be an expert in growing and caring for Berries and distributes them as gifts.

Generation II

In Generation II, the Berry Master is located on Route 30, in a small house with a Berry tree growing next to it. The Berry Master of Generation II only gives the player one plain Berry; however, he also explains how Berries work.

Generation III

File:Berry Master house inside.png
The Berry Master and his wife in Generation III

In Generation III, the Berry Master is located on Route 123, living in house with a large garden with twelve spaces for Berries nearby, the most of any one location in the game. Every day, the Berry Master of Generation III gives players two berries. These are randomly selected from the twenty-first through thirtieth berries obtainable in Hoenn (Pomeg Berry to Nomel Berry).

Berry Master's wife

The Berry Master in Generation III has a wife that lives with him and help grow and give out Berries. She will give a Berry each day to the player if he or she tells a two-word phrase.

Using five specific phrases, the player can receive five special Berries not otherwise obtainable outside of the Battle Frontier, events in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, or Pickup in FireRed and LeafGreen. It should be noted that this can only be done once per berry.

Phrase Sprite Number Name
Great Battle File:Spelon.png #31 Spelon Berry
Challenge Contest File:Pamtre.png #32 Pamtre Berry
Overwhelming Latias File:Watmel.png #33 Watmel Berry
Cool Latios File:Durin.png #34 Durin Berry
Super Hustle File:Belue.png #35 Belue Berry

Any phrase other than the ones above will still yield a Berry from among the first ten (Cheri Berry to Sitrus Berry).

The Berry Master's wife also mentions four grandchildren. Although nothing is stated, the following people who give out berries daily could possibly be the grandchildren: a Beauty along Route 120; a lad standing outside of Lanette's house along Route 114; a woman just north of the Route 111 rest stop; and a girl named Kiri in Sootopolis City.

Generation IV

The Berry Master in Gen IV.

In Generation IV, the Berry Master lives on Route 208. The Berry Master, his wife, and a young girl live together in a small house. Their garden is smaller than the one in Generation III, only having four patches of soil. Unlike Generation III, the Berry Master only gives out one Berry daily, randomly selected from the first through thirtieth berries (Cheri Berry to Nomel Berry).
In Generation II remakes, there is no Berry Master, as there is no loamy soil patches in Kanto or Johto. However, shards can be traded for berries in Violet City and Fuchsia City.

Berry Master's wife

The Berry Master's wife is a shy woman that sells Mulch. She stutters a lot in her speech, but does know a lot about Mulch. She makes the Mulch herself and sells it to people. There are four types of mulch that she sells:

Growth Mulch Growth Mulch
Pokémon Dollar200
Damp Mulch Damp Mulch
Pokémon Dollar200
Stable Mulch Stable Mulch
Pokémon Dollar200
Gooey Mulch Gooey Mulch
Pokémon Dollar200


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