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(Major events)
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<!-- Detailed synopsis goes here. -->
<!-- Detailed synopsis goes here. -->
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badge, go here. -->
<!--* {{Ash}}'s {{p|Krokorok}} evolves into {{AP|Krookodile}}.-->
<!--* {{Ash}} defeats {{an|Iris}} and advances to the final round.-->
====Pokémon debuts====
<!--* [[Ash's Krookodile]]-->
<!--=====TV episode debuts=====-->

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Future episode This article is about an episode of the Pokémon anime that has not yet aired anywhere in the world. As such, it is a reflection of what is currently known about the episode, rather than coverage of the episode as a whole.
Best Wishes series


BW092   EP749
サトシ、アイリス、 シューティー!最後のバトル!!
Satoshi, Iris, and Shooty! The Last Battle!!
First broadcast
Japan August 30, 2012
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening やじるしになって!
Ending みてみて☆こっちっち
Animation Team Kato
Assistant director
Animation director
No additional credits are available at this time.

(Japanese: サトシ、アイリス、 シューティー!最後のバトル!! Satoshi, Iris, and Shooty! The Last Battle!!) is the 92nd episode of the Best Wishes series, and the 749th episode of the Pokémon anime. It is scheduled to air in Japan on August 30, 2012.

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Major events


Pokémon debuts






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Best Wishes series


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