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BW042 : Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!
Best Wishes series
BW044 : Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?
Meowth's Scrafty Tactics!
BW043   EP700
Nyagotiator Nyarth! Zuruzukin Persuasion Tactics!!
First broadcast
Japan August 18, 2011
United States November 26, 2011
English themes
Opening Black and White
Japanese themes
Opening ベストウイッシュ!
Ending ポケモン言えるかな?BW
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 大橋志吉 Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
Additional credits

Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! (Japanese: ニャゴシエーター・ニャース!ズルズキン説得作戦!! Nyagotiator Nyarth! Zuruzukin Persuasion Tactics!!) is the 43rd episode of the Best Wishes series, and the 700th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on August 18, 2011 and in the United States on November 26, 2011.

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On their way to Nimbasa City, the gang are seen taking a break for lunch. While Tepig and Axew are playing, they find an unconscious Meowth in the bushes. Upon telling everyone, Cilan quickly inspects Meowth´s condition. Cilan and Iris give him medicine, and soon after, Meowth regains consciousness. After being startled by the gang, Iris asks Meowth what Team Rocket is doing here. However, Meowth tells them that he is no longer a part of Team Rocket.

When Ash asks him what happened, Meowth tries to run away, claiming that nothing happened, but he is not able to run in his condition, and almost collapses. He tells the story of how he was entrusted to carry out an operation, but was unsuccessful. As a result, he was taken back to headquarters to hear what the consequences were. When leaving headquarters, he imagined Jessie and James leaving him, so he kept walking.

Upon hearing the story, Cilan suggests to the others that they should let Meowth travel with them, but Ash and Iris don´t think that it's a good idea. Cilan then reminds them that he is the only Meowth in Unova, and that he will be lonely. Meowth initially refuses, but Iris says that he will faint again if they leave him. Ash tells Meowth that he can travel with them on the condition that he doesn't do anything bad. Meowth agrees to these terms as he has no reason to do anything bad, seeing as he's no longer a part of Team Rocket.

As they start walking, Meowth flatters the gang on their qualities; commenting on Cilan's soup, calling Iris a princess, and even calling Ash a good Trainer. As they walk, Axew becomes interested in a shiny object placed on the road, but when Axew tries to grab it, he is kidnapped by a Scrafty. The gang follows Scrafty to its hut, but Meowth tries to stop them, explaining that they mustn't get any closer to Scrafty´s hut because he could hurt Axew. Ash ignores Meowth and runs towards the hut, but Meowth stops him again, telling him that Scrafty is serious and that they shouldn't anger him. Pikachu agrees with Meowth, and Cilan suggests that they wait there until it things calm down. Inside the hut, Axew tries to use Dragon Rage, blowing a hole through the wall, but Scrafty manages to evade it.

Meowth tells the others that he will take it from there, claiming that he is a negotiator. Meowth slowly walks to Scrafty´s hut, calling for it to come outside. He asks Scrafty why he is doing this, and Scrafty tells him it will release Axew if it gets a Pokémon to help it in a fight. While Meowth negotiates with Scrafty, Ash makes his way around the hut as Scrafty shows Meowth that Axew is in one piece—but is tied up. Higher up, Ash notices that there is a window on the side, later suggesting that there is a way to release Axew. He tells Meowth to talk with Scrafty, but Meowth explains that Scrafty is an evolved form of Scraggy, and that it will be good idea to take Scraggy with him to distract Scrafty. Ash complies and lets Scraggy go with Meowth, and takes Snivy with him. As Snivy is released from her Poké Ball, she attacks Meowth, only for Ash to tell her that Meowth is now their friend.

Meanwhile, Jessie and James are in Anville Town, completing another one of their operations.

Meowth and Scraggy go to Scrafty while Ash goes around the hut again. As Scraggy and Scrafty show which moves they can use, Meowth suggests that Scrafty should teach Scraggy some good moves in an attempt to distract it. Scrafty accepts, and shows Scraggy how to use Hi Jump Kick. Scraggy tries to use the move, distracting Scrafty and allowing Meowth to signal to Ash that he can release Axew. Ash tells Snivy to use Vine Whip and carry Axew out of the window. As Meowth pretends to alert that Axew is missing, he and Scraggy leave so Pikachu can use Thunderbolt on Scrafty and return to the others.

Upon returning Axew, Meowth says that Scraggy is worried about Scrafty, but Scrafty returns and challenges the gang. Ash accepts and chooses Tepig to battle, who easily wins the fight. Meowth and Cilan investigate why Scrafty is doing these things. After refusing to speak, Scrafty admits that its nest was taken away, and it needs help to get it back, and that everyone he has asked has refused to help—resulting in it kidnapping Pokémon. After hearing the story, Ash and his friends agree to help Scrafty.

Scrafty leads them to his nest, showing them that a Mandibuzz had taken it. Scrafty tries to attack Mandibuzz, but is easily defeated by her Shadow Ball. Scraggy decides to try to defend his "older brother". Mandibuzz uses Pluck and dives into Scraggy, but Scraggy manages to dodge the attack. Mandibuzz hits the head in the ground and gets stuck on the rocks. As Mandibuzz tries to get free, Scrafty commands Scraggy to use Hi Jump Kick, which successfully hits and defeats Mandibuzz. Upon defeating Mandibuzz, she starts crying, explaining that she was kicked out of her flock because she ate all of the food, forcing her to take Scrafty's nest. After hearing this, Meowth suggests that they pick up some food and give it to Mandibuzz´s flock. After seeing it as a peace-offering, Mandibuzz is welcomed back to her flock.

As the trio continue their journey, Iris compliments Meowth's negotiation skills, to which everybody agrees. Suddenly, Iris decides to capture Meowth and throws a Poké Ball at him. The catch is unsuccessful as Meowth yells at her, claiming that he belongs to no-one. He agrees to continue traveling with the group, as long as they don't try to catch him.

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BW042 : Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!
Best Wishes series
BW044 : Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?
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