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Once you have at least seven Badges you can complete the first part of the puzzle. Make sure to use Dive on Route 124 or Route 126 to find a wild Relicanth since you will need it in your party to be able to unlock the chambers of the Legendary golems.

Route 129

Route 129

This is short route and is the only known route where you find a wild Wailord through the use of Surf, though only at a 1% chance. Since Wailord is the only other known Pokémon besides Relicanth to open the Sealed Chamber for unlocking the chambers of the Legendary Golems. If you don't want to waste time catching one, then the only other option is to fish for it's pre-evolution Wailmer and evolve it at Level 40.

Route 130-131

Route 130
Route 131
Mirage Island

As you are traveling along these routes you'll note that on Route 130, Mirage Island a small island will appear on very certain days. Since it is almost impossible to find, you do not need to find it to complete the game since all it has is a wild Wynaut, and a rare type of Berry, the Liechi Berry.

For Route 131 you'll notice a large object to the north. This is the Sky Pillar, home to the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza, however you will not be permitted to enter until you beat the Elite Four. Just continue west to reach Pacifidlog Town.

Pacifidlog Town

Welcome to Pacifidlog Town which is the only town in Hoenn that isn't required to visit for the main game and similar to Oldale Town, it doesn’t have a Gym or Contest Hall. It also is one of the few towns that doesn’t have its own Poké Mart. Heading west will take you to Route 132.

Though there isn’t much you can do here. Go to the building in the southwest part of town where the younger brother of the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman from Slateport City lives. Once every seven days he gives out TM27 (Return) or TM21 (Frustration) based on how high or low your lead Pokémon’s happiness factor is. A lady in the southern house that is in the back will offer to trade you Corsola in exchange for Bellossom. You don't have to worry about trade since Corsola can be found through fishing and Bellossom are difficult to get anyway. Lastly in the southeastern home are two old men. If you talk to the one by the window on the right he will tell you if Mirage Island is available that day. Since the chances are low on being able to travel to that island don’t worry too much about it.

When ready head west for Route 132.

Route 132-134

Route 132

Before entering Route 132, make sure that you have a Pokémon that knows how to use Fly, since the water currents make it impossible to use Surf to head back the way you came. The trick here is that for Routes 132, 133, and 134, a strong current will be pulling your Pokémon along and it is up to you to decide which part of the current you will follow. By using Pacifidlog Town as a checkpoint it is possible to start the over again if you wish to travel a different path through the current and get better results if necessary. However, it will take multiple tries to get everything possible including facing every Trainer. These routes are also the only place where you can catch a wild Horsea with a Super Rod. When you naturally go to the end of Route 134 you will find yourself back in Slateport City by traveling west.

Route 133

To get to the Sealed Cave where the key to unlocking the Legendary Golems is first head to the island in the southern area where you will find the Trainer Black Belt Kiyo for the first part of this route, then head the island behind it. Now let the rapids drag you west again which will take you to the southern area of Route 133 where the two female swimmers Debra and Linda are located. Then after traveling west again one final time to a small island on Route 134, very carefully move towards the middle of the island you are on before using Surf again. If you pull it off successfully, then the rapids will take you to the middle of the spot where you can use Dive to head underwater.

Route 134

Once underwater head through the door and continue traveling south to reach an inscription coded in Braille. At the exact spot where the inscription is located use dive again to surface into the Sealed Chamber.

Sealed Chamber

First head for the inscription at the north end of the cave and stand at that spot. Use Dig to open it. If none of your Pokémon knows how to use Dig then the TM for Dig can be used to deal with this problem. Two Pokémon learn Dig by leveling up: Nincada at level 45 and Trapinch at level 41. Remember that TM28 (Dig) is found on Route 114, given to you by the Fossil Maniac’s younger brother. In the second room head for the north inscription again and with Relicanth in the positioned in the first spot of your party and Wailord is positioned in the last spot, read the inscription and the puzzle will be solved.

An earthquake will occur and now you are able to access the ruins on Route 105, Route 111 (Desert Area), and Route 120 and find each of the Golems inside. For more details go here for Regice, here for Regirock, and here for Registeel.

Ruby and Sapphire
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