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Appendix:Pokémon Ranger walkthrough/Section 1

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Fall City Capture Arena Guide

In Pokémon Ranger, there is an arena in Fall City where you must capture Pokémon for points. This game is mandatory if one is to complete his or her Ranger Browser, since it is the only way to make Fearow appear in the Ring Town capture game and to get its data. The player must acquire a score of over 50,000 points in and has two minutes to do so. Please note, getting over 50,000 points takes a large amount of patience, practice, and skill. One can gain more time by drawing more circles around a specific Pokémon after the required amount has been fulfilled.

Round 1 Strategy

Capture the Pokémon as they drop to score points. It is also recommended that for at least 152Chikorita, 255Torchic, 258Mudkip, and 172Pichu to draw about ten or so more circles after one has captured them to gain time. The boss here is 112Rhydon. Rhydon is fairly easy, though when he drops, wait to see if he throws a boulder, if not proceed to quickly capture him.

Pokémon Available and their point values

  • 152Chikorita - 300 points
  • 255Torchic - 300 points
  • 258Mudkip - 300 points
  • 172Pichu - 500 points - always the fifth Pokémon in every round
  • 263Zigzagoon - 600 points
  • 276Taillow - 800 points
  • 112Rhydon - 2,000 points - always the tenth Pokémon unless the player waited for more to drop

Round 2 Strategy

Again capture the Pokémon as they drop, though beware of a few Pokémon who of 001Bulbasaur, 256Combusken, and 060Poliwag who can cause trouble if not careful.

Pokémon Available and their point values

Round 3 Strategy

Wait until three Pokémon or more are dropped and then capture them all at once. Beware of 341Corphish who can shoot a moderately fast bubble which can be a threat to trying to capture several Pokémon in order to gain points.

Pokémon Available and their point values

Round 4 Strategy

More info to be added later.

Pokémon Available and their point values

Round 5 Strategy

More info to be added later.

Pokémon Available and their point values

Pokémon Ranger
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