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Appendix:HeartGold and SoulSilver walkthrough/Section 21

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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS versions, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 16

Route 16

There isn't much going on around Route 16, but a pair of Pokémon species prowl around here. The Fire-type Slugma and the Dark/Flying-type Murkrow were first discovered in the Johto region, but seem to prefer living in Kanto. The Cycling Road starts just south of here, and leads you right to Fuchsia City on the region's southern peninsula. There are no Trainers to fight here, but an old man in the lone house will tell you a trendy saying once per day.

Route 17

Route 17

Route 17 is Cycling Road itself, connecting Route 16 in the north to Route 18 in the south. There are only a few Trainers around, but you have the opportunity to catch wild Slugma and Muk in the patch of grass on the north end.

Pedal south over the bridge, and head east to Route 18.

Route 18

Route 18

Route 18 is a short route with only a handful of Trainers to battle.

Head east to Fuchsia City.

Fuchsia City

Fuchsia City

Your quest for your fifth Kanto badge takes you to Fuchsia City, a place that blends both the ancient and the modern. Pal Park, the city's new attraction, now stands on the former site of the Safari Zone.

Pal Park

The Pal Park is available after Professor Oak upgrades your Pokédex to the National mode. You can migrate up to six Pokémon at a time from any of the Generation III games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen Versions).

The park itself is split into five main areas — forest, mountain, pond, field, sea — and each migrated Pokémon appears in the area that closest resembles its natural habitat. If you put on a good Catching Show by catching rare Pokémon or quickly catching them all, you'll earn extra points. Aim for a high score and the prizes that come with it!

  1. More points are awarded for catching rare and valuable Pokémon
  2. Earn points by catching six Pokémon of different types
  3. Earn points by catching a Pokémon whose type differs from that of the last Pokémon you caught
  4. More points are awarded for quicker captures

You can earn Berries by scoring points in the Catching Show. The random Berry you receive depends on your point total.

Points Earned Prizes
3,500 or more Pomeg Berry Kelpsy Berry Qualot Berry Hondew Berry Grepa Berry Tamato Berry
3,300 - 3,499 Razz Berry Bluk Berry Nanab Berry Wepear Berry Pinap Berry Lum Berry Sitrus Berry
3,000 - 3,299 Figy Berry Wiki Berry Mago Berry Aguav Berry Iapapa Berry
3,000 or less Cheri Berry Chesto Berry Pecha Berry Rawst Berry Aspear Berry Leppa Berry Oran Berry Persim Berry

You can also speak to the woman with a hat on the second floor to receive different Accessories depending on which Generation III game is inserted into your Nintendo DS. If it's FireRed, she'll give you the Crown; or the Tiara for LeafGreen. If it's Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, she'll hand over a Backdrop; Underground, Seafloor, or Sky, respectively.

Trade Shards for Berries

The Juggler on the north side of town is a Shard collector, and is willing to trade a few Berries for each type. You can find Shards by smashing open rocks, and he'll trade you a group of Berries that matches the color of the Shard. There is another Juggler in Violet City that will trade you Berries from Sets A, B, C, and D.

Shard Berry Set Berries
Red Shard
Red Shard
E Persim Berry Razz Berry Pomeg Berry
Blue Shard
Blue Shard
F Bluk Berry Kelpsy Berry Cornn Berry
Yellow Shard
Yellow Shard
G Pinap Berry Grepa Berry Nomel Berry
Green Shard
Green Shard
H Wepear Berry Hondew Berry Durin Berry

Fuchsia Gym

Fuchsia Gym

Fuchsia City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Janine

The Poisonous Ninja Master

The Fuchsia Gym is the same ninja training ground that it has always been, complete with its famed invisible walls. However, Koga's promotion to the Elite Four left a vacant Gym Leader position - a title now held by his daughter, Janine. She and her recruits are adept at disguise, dressing similarly to conceal the Gym Leader's true location. Poison-types rule the Fuchsia Gym, so Psychic- and Ground-types are the best offense. As for Janine, blast her team with a few psychic attacks, and scorch her Bug-type Ariados and Venomoth if needed. Her Venomoth can raise its evasion with Double Team, so you may want to have some moves with perfect accuracy.

Fuchsia Gym
The Soul Badge

After her defeat, Janine hands over the Soul Badge, which slightly raises Defense, as well as TM84 (Poison Jab).

The southern waterway to Cinnabar Island is blocked off by boulders, having been left here after Cinnabar's volcano erupted. With nowhere else to go, head east to Route 15.

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