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Route 207

While there is not much that can be done here until you obtain the Bicycle, you can find a Machop here to help in the upcoming Gym match, especially if you started with Chimchar. You can also pick up a couple of Poké Balls in the grass.

Be aware that there are some Berries planted, but you cannot reach them until you get the second Badge. If you don't want the Berry plants to die, do not go too far north or try getting the items.

Oreburgh Mine

File:Oreburgh Mine 1.png
Oreburgh Mine 1F
File:Oreburgh Mine Basement.png
Oreburgh Mine Basement

In order to battle the Gym Leader, Roark, you need to speak to him in the Oreburgh Mine. He can be found in the basement. After he shows you Rock Smash, he returns to the Gym and will wait there for you to challenge him. There are two Workers for you to battle here and a few items to pick up. You can also find wild Onix here, which can be a good addition to your team if you can later evolve it into Steelix through trade, but is otherwise probably not worth the effort.

Oreburgh Gym

Heal your Pokémon before entering the Gym. The Gym battle can be tough. It is recommended that you train your Pokémon until they're at Level 13 or more.

It's now time for your first Gym battle. The Oreburgh Gym is pretty straightforward and has no puzzles, though it is possible to take the raised path and avoid the two Trainers present. However, the Trainers are pretty easy to beat, and it's always good to gain some extra money and experience.

Oreburgh Gym
The Coal Badge

Roark leads with a Level 12 Geodude which is easily knocked out by any move that is super effective against Rock (e.g. Water, Grass, or Fighting; you should definitely have a move of one of those types). If you don't bring it down, it can use Stealth Rock, which damages Pokémon you switch into battle. His Level 12 Onix has high Defense, so it may take two or three hits unless you are using a Water or Grass-type move, or a non-resisted Special-based attack. Onix has the same moves as Geodude, plus Screech, which makes your Defense plummet. Level 14 Cranidos can be a huge problem if you don't outspeed and knock it out very soon. It has a extremely high Attack, plus Headbutt for massive damage and Leer to drop your Defense, making its attacks more damaging. Pursuit is a solid move that can hurt a lot if you switch out your Pokémon. However, Cranidos is very fragile, so one or two super-effective hits will bring it down before it can completely destroy your team. Moves like Mega Drain, Mach Punch, Bubble, and Metal Claw work well.

After the battle, Roark gives you the Coal Badge and TM76 (Stealth Rock). You can now use Rock Smash outside of battle, and Poké Marts will start carrying more items, such as Super Potions, Repels, and Escape Ropes. Now head back to Oreburgh Gate, where you meet Barry. He tells you to go back to Jubilife City and go north to Eterna City.

Oreburgh Gate (Basement)

Oreburgh Gate Basement

You'll need to bring Pokemon with Rock Smash.

Now that you have the ability to use Rock Smash, you can destroy the rocks to reach Oreburgh Gate's basement. This is the first place in the game to find a Psyduck, as well as TM70 (Flash). This former HM can be used later in the game to light up dark caves, and extra copies can be bought in the Veilstone Department Store.


Come back after receiving the Bicycle to hop over the dirt mounds to receive TM31 (Brick Break). Then after beating the Hearthome Gym and Canalave Gym, you can use Surf and Strength to find the Earth Plate and TM01 (Focus Punch).

Jubilife City

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Once in Jubilife City, head to the north exit, where you meet Professor Rowan and his assistant (Lucas/Dawn) with two Galactic Grunts, who will engage you in a Tag Battle.

387 If the player chose Turtwig
390 If the player chose Chimchar
393 If the player chose Piplup

After the battle, the Grunts run off. Professor Rowan explains that they are part of Team Galactic, a villainous group that seeks power from Pokémon evolution for some nefarious purpose. Rowan explains that Pokémon release some type of energy when they evolve, but he believes it is a "mystic power" beyond human control. After he and Lucas/Dawn leave, a man from Jubilife TV gives you a Fashion Case, which can hold accessories and backdrops, and tells you that the TV station is now open to visitors. If you so desire, you may now explore the TV station and get a mask of your starter Pokémon from the man on the second floor. Head north to Route 204.

Route 204 (South)

Route 204

You'll need to bring Pokemon with Rock Smash.

You were able to access the southern part of Route 204 before going to Oreburgh City, but if you haven't already, pick up the Parlyz Heal and battle the trainers here. Now that you can use Rock Smash, you can get through the Ravaged Path, which connects the southern and northern parts of the route.

Ravaged Path

Make sure that you have Pokemon with Rock Smash before heading into the cave.

There's not much you can do here, except pick up the Antidote and use Rock Smash to find TM39 (Rock Tomb) to the west. Without Surf, you can't go any deeper, so go through the cave to the east and continue north.

Route 204 (North)

The wild Pokémon available here are the same as in the south, though their levels are higher. Battle more trainers (picking up an Awakening and TM09 along the way) and then go north to Floaroma Town.


Return to both Route 204 and the Ravaged Path after gaining the ability to use Cut and Surf to collect more items, namely the Sea Incense, Luck Incense, TM78 (Captivate) (use Cut and talk to the person deep inside) and TM03 (Water Pulse).

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