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Alluring Shadow Path

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Alluring Shadow Path みわくの影道
Alluring Shadow Path
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Basic info
Floors: Varies
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: {{{monsterhouses}}}
Main type: Varies
Boss: Yes
Recruiting: No
Items: 0
Money: No
Starting level: Varies
Team members: Varies

(Japanese: みわくの影道 Alluring Shadow Path) is a Magnagate dungeon that a player goes through in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Alluring Shadow Path is accessed by opening a Magnagate portal with the Nintendo 3DS and a circular object. The number of bosses at the end of the dungeon vary each time.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
371 Bagon 3  ?  ?%
496 Servine 5  ?  ?%
515 Panpour 1  ?  ?%
559 Scraggy 2  ?  ?%
570 Zorua 3  ?  ?%
572 Minccino 5  ?  ?%
599 Klink 1  ?  ?%
621 Druddigon 4  ?  ?%
624 Pawniard 1  ?  ?%
629 Vullaby 6  ?  ?%
633 Deino 2  ?  ?%


Item Floors
Poké currency.png 100-300 Poké 1-6F
MDBag Oran Berry Sprite.png Oran Berry 1-6F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Max Elixir 1-6F

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