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Akane (HIBAPC)

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Akane (Japanese: アカネ) is a recurring character in the manga series How I Became a Pokémon Card. She appears in the chapter Akane-Colored Eevee. Akane is a little girl who was raised by her grandfather after her parents died after her birth.


Akane is raised by her grandfather after her parents died after her birth. She loves flowers a lot and often scolds her Eevee when it plays in the flower garden. Even though she owns an Eevee, she really hates Pokémon and thinks that they are only good for fighting. When her Eevee is later taken away from Team Rocket, she learns from her grandfather that when she was a baby she loved Pokémon. It was also the reason her grandfather decided to research Pokémon and was given an Eevee.


On hand

Akane's Eevee
Eevee is Akane's first Pokémon, given as a present by her grandfather. Eevee loves to follow Akane even though it makes her angry. After running into the park, Akane gives her "sick" Eevee to Team Rocket to cure it.
Debut Akane-Colored Eevee


Akane's Meowth
A Meowth given to Akane by the building manager. Meowth is used to trail Eevee's scent in order to rescue it from Team Rocket.
Debut Akane-Colored Eevee
Akane's Clefairy
A Clefairy given to Akane by the building manager. It uses an attack on Team Rocket in order to free Akane's Eevee.
Debut Akane-Colored Eevee
Akane's Nidoran♂
A Nidoran♂ given to Akane by the building manager. He is used to break down a wall in the Rocket Game Corner in order to get Akane's Eevee from Team Rocket.
Debut Akane-Colored Eevee


  • Akane shares the same Japanese name with as the Gym Leader Whitney.
    • Coincidentally all the Pokémon (except for Nidoran ♂) she has had are Normal-type, which is Whitney's specialty. However, the Gym Leader owned a Nidorina (an evolution of Nidoran ♂'s female counterpart) in the anime.
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