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ゥL ゥM 4

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Types Category
 Water  Fighting  N/A
Hexadecimal identifier Exp. at Lv. 100
Unknown Unknown
New Unova
Games found in
Special stat for Mew glitch Time Capsule exploit Pokémon
Height Weight
?.? m ?.? kg
Hybrid of Catch rate
N/A 0
Gender ratio
Egg Groups Egg cycles
Unknown Unknown
EV yield

LM4 (whose actual name is literally "ゥL ||ゥM 4") is a glitch found the Pokémon Red and Blue versions by completing Method #3 of the Mew glitch using a Pokémon with a special stat of 198.

When an LM4 is raised to Lv. 18, it will evolve into Clefairy. When the evolution ends, it will immediately evolve from Clefairy into a Nidoking. If the B button is pressed simultaneously during its evolution into a Clefairy, it will stay as is. Same goes for the Nidoking; it will stay as a Clefairy. If it evolves into either of these two Pokémon, it will have the same moves as it had when it was an LM4.

In the Pokémon Red and Blue versions, LM4, when viewing its stats, has the cry of a slowed-down version of one of the songs played in routes. Its number will be #062. The Yellow version's equivalent of LM4 is the "7g" glitch, which has the cry of of a slowed-down version of the song when Pokémon enter the Hall of Fame after beating the Elite Four. It is also the types Water and Psychic, and is #79. 7g cannot evolve into Clefairy and Nidoking the way LM4 can.

Unlike Glitch Pokémon such as Small u, .4 and h POKé, LM4 is not known to freeze player's games or corrupt saved data. (See [1], [2])

LM4 can learn the following TMs and HMs: HM03, HM04, TM01, TM27, TM09, TM10, TM14, TM17, TM05, TM06, TM13, TM26, TM18, TM32, TM50


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  • LM4's evolutions are both coincidentally Pokémon that evolve with Moon Stones.
  • LM4 is #198, making its National Pokédex equivalent Murkrow.

See also: Glitch Pokémon

Red/Blue: 'M (00)MissingNo.▶ Aaゥ (C1)ゥ .4h POKé
PokéWTrainerPkMn (C5)ゥL ゥM 4♀Pゥ ゥゥTゥU?◣ゥ 8PC4SH
PPkMn ◣ nTrainer▼ W G dOPkMn4XPkMn PkMn T4B 8 4 8
ゥ 'M p'u ゥAゥ GPゥ ゥ ゥ4 hGlitch (D7)PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk
PkMnRPkMn "B (DA)Glitch (DB)Glitch (DC)7PkMn 'v-PkMn.PkMn
/PkMn ▼PkMn'v……ゥ (E3)Glitch (E4)C- -
Pゥ 4$X CcA (EA)Glitch (EB)Glitch (EC)hゥ
.gゥ$'Mゥ$ (F0)94ゥ l (F2)ゥ l (F3)ゥ$ (F4)
ゥ (F5)G'Mp'Ng'Mp'Ng ゥ$94 hGlitch (FA)'M 'N gO
ゥ$ 6ゥ'M (FE)'M (FF)
Yellow: 3TrainerPoké $MissingNo.4 44 4 Hy♀ .pPkMnp' 'ゥ ( Z4
X ゥ- xゥ,4. .ァ7gug gァ / g J 1Glitch (CA)
. pゥ.8ゥ. BPkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (CE)4, ゥァ (CF)ゥ'B ァ h
PkMn ? Aゥゥ)ゥ (D4)'ゥ.PkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (D6)B (D7)PkMn (D8)
ゥ (D9)]ゥ' BPkMn (DC)4, ゥァ (DD)8 (DE)p ID
8 P ァ'r 'r 4(h4to894 89 48B 4 8Z ゥ9
ゥHIゥ.4(h4hi?$4HI?'r ゥ$ Pゥ. 4(?/4(h4?
ゥ► ゥ▼ ゥh 4Pゥ ゥ.... ゥ ( .I' .' B' ゥゥ ゥェ ゥ ▷ゥ $ A (F3)♂ p ゥ
▼ pゥゥ $ A (F6)PkMn (F7)ゥ 4- 4$ゥ▾ ゥ♂F q ,
ゥ$ 4MN ゥ× 'rゥ. 4-ゥ/ 4ァ 4,Q ◣
Generation II: ?????Glitch EggGlitch Unown
Generation III: -???????????Bad EggÓË {e Ai
Generation IV: -----Bad EggGeneration IV hybrid
Generation V: -----Bad Egg
Generation VI: Bad EggGeneration VI 724+ glitch Pokémon
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